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Let Intuition Be Your Guide to Health



I had the pleasure of having a great conversation with author and host of Cafe of Delights: Gale West


In our conversation I share how it's possible for anyone to connect and listen to their intuition to use it as a guide to better health.  


I provide tips and powerful insights that are easy to implement into daily life.  


You can listen to the whole conversation below.  


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4 Tips to Speed Up Healing



4 Tips to Speed Up Your Healing


  • Connect with God every day.
  • Live from compassion.
  • Have full access to your mind, heart and body. 
  • Daily Gratitude practice.

Click here to learn more about what I do.


Click here to join the FREE Group Healing with Keri and I on

May 29th. 

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Is there Purpose in Pain Pt. 2

Yes, there is purpose in your pain and struggles.


It is part of your character development.  The person you want to be grows when under pressure. 


To make it easier, it’s important to develop a growth mindset. 


If you haven’t read Pt. 1 of Is there Purpose in Pain?  Click here.


In Pt. 2 you’re going to learn:

  • How to foster an attitude of gratitude.
  • How to develop a mindset of resilience.
  • How to be strategic.

All these skills will fuel your growth to be stronger and healthier.


Foster an Attitude of Gratitude


Have you ever felt happy to visit a friend or go on a trip somewhere?


This feeling of excitement/gratitude is something you can create every day in your life.


What I like to do is be grateful for my family, friends, community, financial freedom, and my connection with God/Jesus, and business.


There have been times in the past where I didn’t feel grateful for these things causing me to take these things for granted. 


When fostering an attitude of gratitude you can even be grateful for things that aren’t in your life yet. 


By being grateful for things not in your life yet it helps make you more receptive to receiving them.  So, I highly recommend including them when you do your gratitude exercise.


A statement I learned from Bob Proctor that is very powerful for cultivating gratitude is, “I am so happy and grateful for…. (Insert thing). 


Do this with your eyes closed and see, imagine, and feel this thing you are grateful for 1mins. 


Do this gratitude exercise every morning to boost your energy and emotional wellbeing.


Resilient Mindset


There are 5 keys to building a resilient mindset.


1. Purpose – why do you exist? Write the reasons why you exist. 


Some of the main reason why I exist are: to help others, to be connected to God, to help others spiritual evolve and to learn from the holy spirit.


Did you know only 25% of Americans claim to have a purpose in life.


Having a sense of purpose is one of the most important things to have for being a leader, to know who you are, to feel connected, and to feel part of something greater than you. 


2. Find your Mission – attach a goal to your purpose.

For example, my mission is to help 2 million people be the healthiest versions of themselves.


Some people have a mission to give x amount of money per year to a charity. 


What is your mission?


3. Identity – know your identity or others will label you.  Identity is tied to your role and responsibilities.


For example: I am a dad.  Nourishing my children and challenging them to be best version of themselves are my responsibilities.


Another example is I am a healer.  My responsibility in this role is to help people heal by finding their power within. 


What is your identity?


4. If you have poor self-control.  Spend time around disciplined people.    


Who are the people that you know that have a strong mindset?


Listen to them and spend time with them.  


If you don’t know any here’s a couple that I recommend:


  • Brendon Burchard
  • Dr. Axe


5. Who can you become?


Think about the most powerful version you can become. 


Who do you want to be seen as?  Do you want to be seen as a healthy, loving, compassionate, abundant person?


What else would you include on how you want to be seen? 


Focus on developing the characteristics and qualities you want to be seen having. 


This is done by listening to, reading, and spending time with people that you believe have them already.  Find out how they developed them.


Be Strategic


If you are dealing with a physical pain or struggle, make sure to optimize your energy level.


Do this through your diet, breathing, stress management, sleep, and exercise. 


The more energy you have the easier it is to deal with your challenges.


If you are not sure how to optimize your energy level, seek out someone or people that have overcome what you are going through. 


They already have the roadmap, so why not speed it up for yourself. 


If you would like to receive additional help from me, go here.


Also, Keri and I are hosting a FREE Group Healing on May 29, which we would love to have you join.


Click here to Sign up for FREE Healing!

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5 Techniques That Reduce Chronic Stress and Pain

If you suffer from chronic stress and pain these techniques can help you…


I am no stranger to chronic pain.  Not only did pain dominate my life for 4 years, but it also increased my levels of stress substantially.  It is not an easy living each day with pain. 


Along with pain most people deal with varying levels of depression and stress.  I know I did.  It took a Jedi Knight mindset to ignore the pain and push through each day.


But did you know that chronic pain might not be a physical problem? 


Yes, the pain is real and what you are feeling physically is too. 


But what if I told you that most chronic pain holds a key in the mind?


It has been scientifically proven that many aches and pains that are chronic are rooted in the brain.  As in your emotions, negative mental chatter, and inability to handle one more bit of stress can actually affect different brain centres and manifest into the body. 


In other words, your mind can refer pain into the physical body. 


Do you have pain in your body with an unknown cause? 


Or maybe you have found the cause.  But have you ever noticed that some people can have the exact same issue and have no problem at all?  


No Pain At All?


In the book The Hidden Psychology of Pain, by Dr. James Alexander, he talks about John Sarno’s work. 


John Sarno found that medicine knew very little about chronic pain.  He observed in his research there was no neat relationship between damage in the body and the existence of pain. 


In other words, people with chronic pain when examined with x-ray and other diagnostic tools were found to have no structural abnormalities at all.


It was also found that people with no pain at all who participated in the research, that a high percentage of them showed evidence of structural pathology of the spine but had no pain at all. 


How can that be?


Could it be that the key to healing chronic pain is in the mind?


Throughout Western and Eastern Medicine there are countless stories of people healing their pain via the mind. 


Placebo Effect


In Western Medicine it is known as the placebo effect.  This is when in controlled double blind studies there is a group of people who consume a medication and a group of people who believe they are getting the medicine, even though they are getting a sugar pill.


The interesting thing is that just as many people heal who didn’t get the medication as the people who did.  They healed because they believed the medication would heal them.  Their belief, their mind healed their body….


Have you used a placebo to stimulate healing?


In Eastern Medicine, meditation appears to work for pain relief as it reduces brain activity in your somatosensory cortex.  This area in the brain decides the feeling of where and how intense pain should be in the body.  


More than that, Eastern Traditions are now exploring the power of your thoughts as a mind body therapy in pain. 


Therapies like Neuro-linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy help to reprogram a your response to pain as well as change negative thought patterns, which stimulate a chronic stress response.


I have had success with some of these techniques.  Not only did they help muffle the pain in my body, but they also helped me to be at peace with my body no matter the situation.


5 Techniques to Reduce Chronic Pain and Stress.


1. Mindfulness Meditation – Mindfulness is a very effective meditation technique for relaxing the mind and body to turn down the stress response.  It has been proven effective for pain relief and pain management.  Mindfulness is simply becoming aware of your breath, relaxing your mind to such a point that you lose track of your body.  Your body becomes so relaxed, that all pain diminishes.


Mindfulness meditation helps put you into a deep Theta brain state, where anything is possible.  Not only does pain become more manageable and in some cases disappears, but you find yourself in a more peaceful, happy state in your day-to-day life. 



2. Hypnosis –Hypnosis is scientifically verified and an effective technique that allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and promote change.


Hypnosis allows you to create desired changes in behaviour, emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing.


It’s a powerful visualization technique that you can learn to use for things like pain reduction, healing, weight loss, quitting smoking, anxiety, and PTSD.  


It allows you to gain control of undesired behaviours and make changes.


3. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – CBT focuses on developing coping strategies that solve current problems such as pain, depression, anxiety and allows you to consciously change your thoughts, behaviours, and beliefs. 


CBT has been proven to give the person practicing it new ways to cope and look at things.  It has been shown to be effective for pain relief.


4. Visualization – Visualization is a technique that incorporates the power of the mind to heal the body.  In a meditative state, you see the problem you would like to see healed being resolved. 


You are essentially telling your body what you want with your mind.  You literally visualize yourself in perfect health. Some people will even visualize going into the problem such as pain and seeing it healing.  The mind is very powerful. If you believe it, you will see it happen.


5. Placebo Effect – This is where you choose a food or an object that you believe will heal your body.  You make this food, such as a green drink for example your placebo.  Every time you drink this green drink you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the medicine you need to heal your body.  Much like people that believe taking a medication.  When in fact they are taking a sugar pill and heal anyways.   The green drink becomes your placebo.  The trick is, believing in it.  If your mind truly believes this will heal you, it most likely will. 


Have you tried any of these techniques and had success?   

I know I have.


I truly believe in the phrase ‘Mind Over Matter!’ 


Do you have a mind body success story? 

I would love to hear about it.  The more people that share their stories, the more people will know what is possible.   Comment below.

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Stop Falling into Unhappiness by doing this…

I recently discovered a great technique from Mo Gawdat on how to get into a state of happiness within 7 seconds.  I’ve been using it with clients with great results in my Distance Healing Sessions.


Before I tell you the technique, I will define happiness and unhappiness.


Happiness occurs when life meets or beats your expectations of an experience or event. 


For example, is you go out for dinner and the meal you have is as good as you expected it to be or better.


Whereas Unhappiness occurs when an experience or event doesn’t meet your expectations. 


An example of unhappiness: you go out for dinner and the meal is worse that you expected.


The common denominator with happiness and unhappiness are thoughts.


80% of unhappiness is due to negative thoughts.


Consider when you feel unhappy as a survival mechanism and a signal to take specific actions if you want to return to happiness. 


The first thing to do is acknowledge you feel unhappy. 


The second thing is: What is the trigger? 


If it’s a situation in the world like a flood or war on the other side of the world.  Has your life changed at all from it?


If not, can you accept it?  And can you do anything about it? 


Ask yourself the questions: “What can I do about it, how can I make the world a better place from this situation that triggered my unhappiness or how can I become stronger from the situation?” 


These questions take you out the of emotional and stressful thoughts (feeling helpless/hopeless) into acceptance and or action thoughts.


When you discover the trigger of your unhappiness, ask yourself whether the thought is true or false? 


I work with many people that suffer from depression and anxiety.  Many of their feelings are the result of believing a lie that was either told to them when they were young, or they told themselves from a negative experience they had.


Have you ever been bullied by someone that resulted in you not feeling good about yourself and unloved.


If you continued to tell yourself the lie that you are not good enough and unloved it results in feeling more stressed and symptoms of chronic stress.


Chronic Stress Symptoms

  • Easily triggered
  • Emotional withdrawal
  • Suppressing yourself
  • Fearful of expressing yourself
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Decreased immunity
  • Chest tightness
  • Trouble letting go
  • Low energy
  • Sleeping problems and insomnia
  • Unfocused and cloudy thinking
  • Changes in appetite
  • Aches and pains
  • Increase in alcohol and drug use

Diseases associated with chronic stress are linked to other conditions, both psychological and physical. These include:

  • Hypertension, heart disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome, Type II diabetes, and arthritis
  • Addiction to alcohol, nicotine and/or prescription drugs, and behavioral-related such as addiction to the internet, food, or gambling
  • Mood disorders and anxiety disorders, which are common secondary diagnoses for people with chronic stress.

Hypertension, depression, addiction, and anxiety disorders are the conditions most related to chronic stress.


If you can relate to living in chronic stress, take the following steps to overcome it.

  • Acknowledge your unhappy (negative feelings).
  • Write out the thoughts you have that trigger your stress. 
  • Ask yourself are the thoughts true or false?  (FYI: all thoughts of not being good enough and unlovable are a lie.) If they are false let them go by taking 10 deep breaths. Close your eyes, focus on the center of your chest, and say to yourself, “I release any lies that I tell myself that are not serving me in my highest and greatest good.”  Notice how you feel when you say this.  

By saying this prayer, you are giving your soul and God permission to cleanse the lies from you. 

  • If it is True.  Ask yourself, “What can I do to fix it?”

This moves you into the problem-solving part of your brain and helps make you and the world a better place.

  • If you can’t do anything about it and things can’t change.  Like someone dying in a car accident or stuck in traffic.  Ask yourself, “Can I accept the situation or experience and make my life better despite the problem."

Make sure that you go to happy and useful thoughts. 


If your thoughts aren’t useful, tell your brain not to give you thoughts that aren’t helpful. 


On average it takes 21 days to remove negativity and change the brain.  So be patient and persistent.


By investing 5-10mins into improving your mindset every day and how you interpret stress you will spend much more time feeling happy than you ever had before.


If you find that you need additional help overcoming chronic stress, I will gladly help you via Distance Healing Sessions.


Click here for Distance Healing Sessions

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How to Increase Your Energy

What would your life look like if you had more energy each day?


Here's a list of things that more energy does:

  • You feel better
  • You can adapt to stress easier
  • It's easier to problem solve
  • You're a better communicator
  • You have a stronger memory
  • Improved balance and coordination 
  • You heal faster


What is something you notice when you have more energy?  Comment below.


4 Things that Help Increase Energy


  • Get natural light exposure into your eyes 30-60mins after waking to increase morning cortisol. 
  • Do light exercise like go for a walk, stretching, and or Qi Gong to warm up your core temperature.
  • Delay caffeine intake 90-120mins after waking to avoid an afternoon crash.
  • Do a morning meditation where you connect with God, Jesus and or the Holy Spirit and focus on at least 3 things you are grateful for to summon with a positive mindset. 


What is something you do to increase your energy? Comment below.

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Remove Stress by Doing This...



Have you ever felt stressed during traffic jam, gotten upset to the point of wanting to yell.  


This happens because your nervous system is conditioned to react stressfully in that situation. 


But what if you could respond differently.  Rather than freakout, take some deep breaths and realize “I’m a traffic jam, how can I make the best use of my time right now?”


By doing this you avoid excess stress and emotional pain, along with wasting energy on being unproductive.   In turn you make better use of your time and create more healthy energy for yourself.


Some things you can to are  call a friend, listen to a podcast or good music, tell yourself, “I love myself unconditionally,” or remind yourself how grateful you are to have a car. These are just a few examples.  There are a number of things you can do to increase your wellness during that time….


What is something you would do?


How do you Regulate the Nervous System?

  • Practice

What are your stress triggers?


Take a moment and write them down.


Examples of Stress Triggers:

  • Weather
  • Politics
  • Family members
  • Loud noises
  • Violence
  • Certain smells
  • Your work/job
  • Travel
  • The unknown
  • Meeting new people
  • Your health
  • Money

How to Heal Stress Triggers

  • Go to calm relaxing space like a quiet room or out in nature. 
  • Take 10 deep breaths
  • Get into a calm state of mind
  • Close your eyes and visualize being in the situation that normally triggers you, but instead being calm and peaceful in it.
  • See yourself handling the situation with ease. 


Example: see yourself having a positive interaction with the family member that normally stresses you out.  See yourself being present with them and listening to them.  See yourself articulating your thoughts and feelings in a calm manner to them. 


Practice doing this until you feel peaceful about the situation that used to stress you out. 


Don’t be surprised how good you feel in that situation next time you are in it. 

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Causes of Insomnia and Solutions



Do you suffer from sleeping problems like insomnia?  You definitely want to hear this.


The number one cause of insomnia is stress.  However, it’s not always clear as to what is causing the stress.


I’m going to help you figure that out.  Along with what you can do to overcome the stress so you can sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. 


The top things you need to do to sleep better are:


  • Remove electronic devices, such as TVs, computers, and smart phones, from your bedroom.
  • Avoiding large meals, caffeine, and alcohol before bedtime.  No food 3hrs before bed and no caffeine 8hrs before bed because it can take up to 8hr to clear out of your body.   If you rely on caffeine for energy and can’t function without it comment before. 
  • Get some exercise. Being physically active during the day can help you fall asleep more easily at night.
  • Using room-darkening shades, earplugs, a fan, or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs.
  • Do calming activities before bedtime, such as taking a bath or using relaxation techniques can promote better sleep.
  • Spend time outside in natural sunlight during the day has been shown to improve sleep.


All the info you just read is all available through a quick Google search, however I find many people don’t want to make the changes necessary to improve their sleep. 


Here’s why…..


Food, caffeine, alcohol, and entertainment are providing the person with a feeling of pleasure. 


Are you someone that struggles with changing your lifestyle habits, even though you know they aren’t good for you and have a negative impact on your sleep?


#1 reason that stops a person that knows better is negative feelings about oneself.


Pray every day – Connect with Jesus Christ/God and ask for the strength and power to overcome your negative feelings.


Example of a prayer is: “Thank you Jesus for providing me the strength and energy to overcome the negative feelings I have about myself.”


Pray first thing in the morning and before bed for strongest impact. 


Next, connect with those negative feelings.  Ask yourself, why do I have these feelings? 


It’s important to be aware of why they are there, so you can deal with them accordingly. 


For example, if you have negative feelings about yourself due to feelings of guilt.  It’s important to forgive yourself for your past mistakes or failures.  If you need help forgiving yourself, ask Jesus for support.


Prayer: Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to forgive myself for my past mistakes and failures. 


These types of prayer help you to surrender, so you can let go of the emotional pain limiting your life, stressing you out affecting yourself.


If negative feelings are not responsible for your struggles with stopping habits that keep you await at night. 


Ask yourself, “What feeling do I want more of.”  Often it is something very simple like comfort, joy, love or calmness. 


Use similar prayers as above to fill your soul with what you need to feel full.


Example of prayer: Thank you Jesus/God for giving me to strength to experience more calmness in my life. 


Find the prayers that work well for you and spend a few minutes doing them every day.  Overtime you will feel more enriched.


If you would like more help getting over your sleeping troubles I can help you through my Distance Healing Sessions. 


Click here for Distance Healing Sessions

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How To Overcome the Obstacle of Time

In my last blog I wrote about 5 Biggest Obstacles that can stop you from achieving your health goals.  If you haven’t read it yet, click here.


In this blog I’m going to tell you how to overcome the Obstacle of Time when it's interfering with your health.


Not having enough time is one of the most common excuses people use as their reason for not being healthy.


I get it.  I've used the excuse of time many times.  But I realized that it wasn't helping me.  It was only holding me back.


Have you ever said:

  • I don’t have enough time to exercise.
  • I don’t have enough time to meditate.
  • I don’t have enough time to prepare healthy meals.
  • I don’t have enough time to go see a practitioner that will help me.

The real reason behind it if you use time as an excuse is you are not making the time.  And it likely you just haven’t developed the skill of how to best utilize your time. 


What if you had massive success doing what you need to do to achieve your health goals.  Would you make the time then?


If you feel short on time for health or want to make more time to create better health for yourself start with looking at where you could be wasting your time. 


How much time do you spend watching TV per day, scrolling social media, or some other form of entertainment that only gives you short term happiness.  But doesn’t move you any closer to your health goals?


The US average daily stats for watching TV, social media, gaming and browsing websites are:

  • TV – 3hr 16min
  • Social Media – 1hr 27mins
  • Gaming – 1hr 46mins
  • Browsing Websites – 51mins

That’s over 7hrs per day if someone is doing all these things.  Over 49hrs per week, over 196hrs per month and over 2352hrs per year. 


But say you are only consuming 1hr per day.  That’s 7hrs per week, 28hrs per month and 336hr per year. 


How different would your health be if you invested that time into your health (or another important goal)? 


Your time is more valuable than money. 


If you were offered $100million dollars, but you would have to die tomorrow would you take the money or would you want to live longer?


Leave a comment below with your answer.  But I’m guessing you would choose to live longer.


To value time, you must change your mindset of it. 


It can be difficult at first if this is a new perspective for you.  


To help, wake up each day and remind yourself, “I’m going to make the most of this day and my time.” 


To help with that write out WHY TIME is so valuable to you. 


Write out at the beginning of each week what are 1-2 most important things you want to do each day for your health and make sure you do those things within the first 2hrs upon waking.    


Once you develop the habit of this you will see how beneficial this is for you and the changes that come along with it. 


Comment below if you know what 1-2 of the most important things are for your health goals.


If you would like to learn more about how to better use your time to achieve your goals I recommend reading or listening to the audio book The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris.  It will help you develop the skills you need to better utilize your time and more.    


Click here for The 4-Hour Workweek


I’ve decided to post about each of the 5 Biggest Obstacles separately to help with implementation. 


Next post will be about How to Overcome the Obstacle of Money if it is in the way of you achieving your health goals.  Stay tuned. 


If you are not already on my e-news list signup here, so you don’t miss anything. 

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5 Obstacles That You May Face When Pursuing Health Goals

Do you have a big health goal you want to achieve?
But feel there is something getting in your way of achieving it?


You are not alone. 


As a teenager I wanted to learn how to heal myself because I had several symptoms that made me feel awful. 


Little did I know that this goal started shifting my life in a direction that I could have never imagined. 


Something you are likely aware of though, when you set goals, obstacles begin showing up because you start moving out of your comfort zone into the unknown.


I’ve learned that there are 5 Big Obstacles you want to be aware of, so you can deal with them if they arise.  


Knowing what the obstacles are and how to deal with them makes it much easier to overcome them.  Then you don’t get stuck or lose faith in yourself and give up on your health goals.   


Look at obstacles as an opportunity for growth.  On the other side of them is the thing you really want.


5 Big Obstacles that show up when pursuing your goals:

  • Time“Believing you don’t have enough time to do the thing you want.”
  • Money“Believing you don’t have enough money to purchase what you need.”
  • Spouse“My spouse won’t allow me or doesn’t support me going after goal.”
  • Fear – shows up when you view your life from a place of lack, victimhood, doubt and or failure.
  • Shame and Self-Doubt – this is signaling that past failures are controlling your reality. 

When I first wanted to go to Chinese Medicine College to become a TCM doctor my girlfriend at the time told me if you do that, I will break-up with you. 


She thought it was weird and gross and I allowed her opinion to influence me out of going at the time.  So, instead I signed up at the local community college to pursue a degree in Environmental Technologies.   


However, 1 month later we broke up.  I was already signed up for the Environmental program, but something felt off the whole time. 


When I began the program, I started getting a strong voice in my head saying, “YOU NEED TO GO TO CHINESE MEDICINE SCHOOL.” 


I tried to ignore the voice, but it kept getting louder and louder, until finally, after being in the program for just 4 days I told myself, “Enough, I will go to Chinese Medicine School!”


That day, I called the Chinese Medicine College and asked them if they had space for me. 


I was put through to the dean and he said “Yes, we have room for you.  Come in on Monday to start."    


In that moment a huge weight lifted off me.   


The first day I started everything felt right.  I knew I was in the right place, and it was one of the best choices I made for myself.  


From making that one choice it opened so many more doorways for me to improving my health, overcoming many symptoms, along with helping people all over the world.   


None of this would have happened if I didn’t take the first step.  Plus, I met Keri at Chinese Medicine College. 


Next week I’m going to release the info on how to work through the 5 Big Obstacles, so you can achieve your health goals easier.   Stay tuned…

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