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Heart Opening Healing & Spiritual Superpower

Back by Popular Demand!  I am offering Heart Opening Healings + Connecting with your Spiritual Superpower to help energize and heal your body, without feeling stuck, so you can thrive.  All in one session!


I have been offering healing to people for over 11 years.


What I have come to learn, is that when the heart energy is open, vibrant and strong, it spreads to the rest of the body. I have seen how the power of love resonating from a vibrant heart energy, not only heals one’s body, but also attracts and aligns a more abundant and prosperous life. 



As your heart and body align, this energy will also penetrate outward to help heal others around you. 


Now you might be wondering WHAT IS A SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER?


Everyone has at least one SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER.  A SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER is a specific spiritual energy that is unique to you.  It nourishes and strengthens your body on every level of your being.  It like eating the perfect diet for your body to feel vital, happy and alive. 


But, what I have found is most people don't even know they have one, along with it is depleted due to it being robbed from fear, anger, sadness, worry and hatred.  Fear by far is one of the most powerful negative spiritual energies that robs a person's vitality.  


Once your vitality is robbed from you, it affects every aspect of your life.  It can create physical health problems, relationship turmoil, financial hardship that you can't overcome because you are depleted. 


Basically, the exact opposite of what you desire and long for occurs.  If this sounds like you, you have probably tried many different things like going from practitioner to practitioner using an assortment of drugs, surgeries, supplements, diet, exercise, affirmations, etc.  and you aren't where you want to be.


To overcome your symptoms, stressors and hardship you need to energize yourself everyday with your SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER to build up your spiritual energy.    


When you do your life begins to change.  Chronic illness starts to disappear, your relationships and finances improve and you thrive.


This is because you nuturing your spiritual energy which feeds every part of you.  


These Healings will provide you with:

  • Connection to the highest form of spiritual love.
  • Discovering your SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER.
  • Learning how to use your SPIRITUAL SUPERPOWER to heal and thrive.
  • Clearing barriers that stop you from healing
  • Raising of your vitality.
  • Faster healing time.
  • Anti-aging benefits.
  • Moving past feeling stuck.
  • More JOY in life!
  • And having the energy to do the things you want.

I have divided these HEALING into 1hr recorded Video call. (video optional).


If you are someone that wants to fully immerse yourself and get the most out of yourself and feel your best, I recommend 3 of Healings minimum.  


Each time you immerse yourself you will experience more and more wisdom and enlightment about who you truly are and how to thrive.  Then once you understand the process it will be second nature for you like walking, talking and riding a bike.   


Read What Eda had to say about her Heart Opening Healing.


I think this is a great way to clear, cleanse with unconditional love and connect to the higher realms! Your abilities are very strong and heart felt ❤”

~ Eda Fey



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A few years ago I was feeling anxious about my health and some health issues, that have been completely resolved. I feel God led me to Adam Fulmore, who popped up on the internet out of nowhere. And performed a long distance healing that resolved a chronic digestive issue. I have experienced other healings, just by association.
I am so grateful,

Adam is a very gifted and intuitive healer. I experienced his gifts at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  He did in four sessions what psychologists take years to accomplish.  I strongly recommend him.
All the best and thanks.
Veronica P.

It's been a very nice experience working with Adam Fulmore. He is a kind and compassionate human being. Besides his professionalism, he takes the time to listen and provide the best service to his patient. He is really working with you. I would recommend him to anyone who has the sincere desire to work and improve on himself/herself, whether it is physical, mental, emotional and more, and I would call him again if the needs arises.



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