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Keri Fulmore, Medical Intuitive & Functional Medicine Practitioner


Keri Fulmore began her journey into 'Health and Healing' at a very young age. She didn’t know it at the time, but her whole life has been teaching her to help people to optimize their health. Keri grew up with several family members being nurses and through that she became very interested in health. But oddly enough, she was attracted to 'holistic ways to heal.'


As a young child, she suffered from migraine headaches and despite many doctor visits and painkillers, she was told that they were genetic and she would have to live with them for the rest of her life. That was when a deep loud voice inside of her disagreed with the doctor’s advice and told her otherwise. Through the years that voice has been there to tell her things about people and even given her the ability to hear what is happening inside a persons body to cause them to be ill. She now knows that voice as her 'Intuition.'


She eventually figured out that her migraines were actually food intolerances, wheat to be specific. Once she cut it out, she no longer suffered from migraines. In fact it has been 20 years without migraines.


Through the years, Keri went on to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated with a diploma in Acupuncture in 2004 from the Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology. At the same time, she studied Herbalism from the Wild Rose College in Alberta and worked in a health food store, learning about the latest products and research from vitamin and supplement companies. She also went on to study Functional Medicine with the Functional Medicine University and is now a Certified Funcitonal Medicine Practitioner.


All of the topics Keri has studied have enhanced her ability to Help People Optimize Their Health.


That voice or Intuition inside of her is able to see root causes in the body. Plus the Educational Training has helped her know the body 'inside and out,' perfecting her skills of creating specific healing protocols for clients.  


Remember, Keri has heard her inner voice or Intuition since childhood, but it was in her early twenties that she was guided to begin using it to help others. She's been working with people doing Medical Intuitive Readings for over 10 years.   There is a long list of people she has helped find balanced health.... and looks forward to working with you too.


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Keri was so on point with everything about my body and was so incredibly connected to me that she was also able to get a reading on my spirit. Thank you, thank you. Your recommendations are great.

-Vicky Gramajo, Connecticut, USA


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