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Terms and Conditions


Both Adam Fulmore and Keri Dennis-Fulmore are highly trained professionals that assist people with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. 

Neither Adam Fulmore nor Keri Dennis-Fulmore are allopathic or naturopathic doctors and do not present themselves as such. 

Adam Fulmore and Keri Dennis-Fulmore's recommendations are informational in nature, designed only to help one achieve stability, balance and harmony. They are not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose, mitigate or cure any illness or disease. Likewise, any foods, herbs, botanicals or nutritional supplements they may recommend are for educational, not medicinal or curative, purposes. 

All information provided on this web site is for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of an allopathic doctor with any questions concerning a medical problem or condition and before undertaking any diet, exercise, health-related or lifestyle-change program. 

Likewise, if you are pregnant, nursing or consenting to the evaluation of a child, be advised to consult with a trained medical doctor before taking or giving nutritional supplements. 

Neither Adam Fulmore nor Keri Dennis-Fulmore offers any promises, warranties, assurances of success or outcomes of any recommendations or healings.


There are no refunds on services rendered.  


No refunds on unused services (distance healing sessions, medical intutive readings, etc.) after 1 year of purchase date.  


There are no refunds if you are 15mins or more later to your phone distance healing session or medical intuitive reading without notice.  Our time is extremely valuable and we ask that you honour it.


If you require an emergency appointment, reading or healing your session will be double the regular price because we will have to change our schedule to suit your situation.