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Adam Fulmore, Distance Energy Healer


Adam Fulmore's interest in health and wellness began in high school, where he had strong feelings he needed healing because his life was very stressful.  Little did he know that these thoughts he was having were his spirit guides.  This has happened throughout Adam’s life where his spirit guides would tell him to do certain things that ultimately improved his health and wellbeing.  It is through following messages from his spirit guides that he has overcome severe back, neck pain, digestive problems and emotional turmoil. 


Adam was intuitively guided to study several forms of Holistic Medicine, including 3yr Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. diploma, 5yr Medical Qigong apprenticeship, Theta Healing, Western Herbology, Ayurvadic Medicine, Meditation, West Coast Shamanic Medicine, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Chi Nei Tsuang and Aromatherapy.


When Adam was in his mid-twenties he met a very high-level Medical Qigong Master, Ming Qwan who taught him Medical Qigong and how to heal with it. Adam had studied Qigong before in martial arts classes, but this qigong was different. The results he saw were amazing. This Qigong not only balanced one physically, emotionally and spiritually, but the healing power far surpassed any forms of holistic healing Adam had done in the past.

Shortly after starting to practice Medical Qigong, Adam learned he could do Distance Healing as effectively as well as he did it in person.   Adam has continued on using Medical Qigong, along with his own form of Energy Healing with the help of his spirit guides, archangels and ascended masters.


Adam currently has helped a wide range of conditions of people from all over the world.  Some conditions that he has helped people overcome are arthritis, menstrual disorders, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, cancer, emotional disorders and many more.


Are you ready to experience Distance Energy Healing in your life?


Go to Adam Fulmore's Distance Healing Sessions Page


Go to Adam Fulmore's Group Healing Page



I had two energy healing sessions.  Adam told me why I had attracted the cancer to me, he also told me some things about what was happening in my body such as un-forgiveness which I thought that I had dealt with.


During the second session I could feel as if a "war" was going on in my breast. I went back for an ultra sound July 24, 2014 (five months later) and the ultra sound showed no cancer! I was told by the doctor to come back in six months for a follow-up.


Energy healing works! Thank you Adam.


- Rosie W. Thomson, Georgia, USA


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