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How to do an Intuitive Reading

Many People I speak to believe you have to be born with the gift of intuition.  


This is not true.  Anyone can development their intuition by activating, connecting and trusting it.


The fastest way to develop your intuition is by working with a mentor and practicing on others.


This is exactly what Keri Fulmore and I did to help us fine tune our intuitive skills.  


In the video below I discuss how I do Medical Intuitive Readings, common blocks that can happen when doing a medical intuitive reading and how to overcome them.  



If you would like to join Keri and I for a 4hr mentoring workshop: Journey Within - Click Here.  

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Let Intuition Be Your Guide to Health



I had the pleasure of having a great conversation with author and host of Cafe of Delights: Gale West


In our conversation I share how it's possible for anyone to connect and listen to their intuition to use it as a guide to better health.  


I provide tips and powerful insights that are easy to implement into daily life.  


You can listen to the whole conversation below.  


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3 Common Intuition Blockages



Many people come to me for my keen sense of Medical Intuition. 


As a child I knew things about people without them telling me.  But my intuition was not as good as it is now because I work on developing it, connecting with it and putting my full trust into it everyday. 


You have the ability to connect to your intuition too. 


Signs of intuition are:


  • Gut feelings
  • Knowing things before they happen
  • Knowing things about people without them telling you
  • Hearing your conscience


If you would like to strengthen and improve your intuition check out my Activate Your Inner Medical Intuitive Course here.


Save $200 if you sign up before midnight Mar 28 by using coupon code: intuition

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4 Tips to Improve Intuition



4 Tips to Improve Intuition


1. Practice Calming Your Mind Everyday


To develop a calm mind, I recommend practicing mindfulness meditation.  This is where you focus on one thing like the air coming in and out of your nose for 10-45mins per day. You can do this sitting, laying or even walking. 


2. Know where to Receive Intuitive Messages

  • Heart/chest is where you feel your intuition.
  • Head/brain is where you hear and see your intuition.


3. Pursue your Passions, hobbies and interests.


This is your intuition speaking to you.  Pursue them.  If you invest enough time and energy into them one day you could make a career from them and it will become your purpose.


4. Who do you want to become?


Ask yourself this question and share it below.  


If you would like to develop your intuition and healing ability to more check out the Intuitive Energy Healing Course here.  

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Predictions Week 2024

As we embrace these unique and challenging times, it's crucial to have a guiding light for the journey ahead.


I'm thrilled to invite you to an extraordinary, FREE annual event.  I am a featured contributor and look forward to sharing MY insights and predictions for 2024.


This year I will be sharing simple ways you can take your power back and steer your health in the right direction!  


Predictions Week 2024, begins January 1, and runs for the first week of 2024. 


During my call on Jan 6 I will be giving FREE Medical Intuitive Readings.


This is the 14th annual week-long interactive adventure and is hosted by celebrated Psychic and Energy Medicine Healer Jennifer McLean.



GO HERE to register now.


It’s FREE… and mark Jan 1 - 7 in your calendar.


It promises to be a beacon of insight and clarity for the year ahead.


What's in Store?


  • 12 Live Sessions of prophecy, healing, numerology, and more.
  • Personal Readings from top psychics, numerologists, and intuitives.
  • Numerology Insights tailored for 2024.


And you will be able to raise your hand and potentially receive a personal reading :)


Each session offers a unique perspective, helping you navigate 2024 with confidence; for example, you’ll receive a Health-Intuitive Forecast for complete wellness this coming year.


You’ll learn how to align with the flow of change for success as you understand the nuances of what will happen in 2024.


You will also receive your personal number from a master numerologist and understand its significance for 2024.


Catch this remarkable chance to gain unprecedented insights into your life and the world around you for 2024.


Claim Your FREE Access HERE <<

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Using Your Intuition to Take Action

You've probably had gut feelings or intuitions about certain things in your lives where you didn't take action.


You listened to your mind instead of your heart. Or, maybe you listened to your friend's advice, only to regret your decision. 


​Taking action is just as important as hearing your inner voice.


When you begin to ask your intuition where you need to make changes and then procrastinate or not do it at all, your body can shout the message louder. 


I remember a time when I saw a chiroprator that was an 8hr drive from my home to align my neck.  However after receiving the adjustment it didn't feel right and I knew something was off.  But, I had already left the office and gone home. 


I told my family I needed to go back because I was in severe debilitating pain.  They thought I was crazy to turn around and drive back. 


I'm sure glad I did because when I arrived the chiro checked my neck alignment and it was not right.  He adjusted my neck correctly, bringing me relief of the pain.  


Had I not listened to my intuition I would had been in daily excruciating pain.


Asking your body where you need to take more action in your life is important for bringing balance to your body and live.


Ask Your Body the Following Questions


  • Where do I need to take more action in my life?
  • What action does my body need me to take for better health?
  • What action does my body need me to take in my relationships?
  • What action does my body need me to take in my career?
  • What action does my body need me to take in my spiritual practice and life?
  • What action does my body need me to take in my living environment?
  • What action does my body need me to take today to stress less?
  • What action does my body need me to take on a daily basis to be more joyful?

Below I included an exercise of how to use your intuition to take action.





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How To Find Top 3 Stressors to Heal

Becoming clear on the things in your lives that are driving your body towards negative stress and less joy is huge for healing.


You may know right away what your top stressors are. However, if you don't, you may have gotten used to living on auto-pilot and may not even recognize that you have any stress at all.


Getting in touch with what is creating negative stress and less joy is crucial for your healing so that you can consciously choose to change it.


Below is a guided intuitive meditation.  I suggest getting quiet with yourself to ask your body what your biggest stressors are and what you can do to bring more ease, peace and joy into these areas of your life. Or, if you need to let these stressors go, what is blocking you from doing so?


Questions to Ask Yourself


  • What areas of my life are holding stress for me? 
  • What can I do to bring more peace and ease to these stressful areas of my life?
  • Do I need to let them go?
  • Do I need to do something different?
  • What is my body asking for in these situations or stressful areas?
  • What area of my body am I holding this stress?
  • How do I release these stressors from the tissues, organs of my body?




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My 4 Favourite Essential Oils for Boosting Intuition


Do you want to enhance your intuitive abilities, feel calm in your day to day life, increase your mental clarity and feel spiritually connected?


Many people are stressed out, overwhelmed and burnt out due to all their daily demands. They don't have time to get calmed down enough to get into the intuitive head space. 


But what if you could do it naturally and faster?


Wouldn't that be great to clear the stress that interferes with your intuition and loving-peaceful feelings?


When you increase times of inner peace, unconditional love and spiritual connection it helps to boost your intuition.


Intuitive messages are much easier to receive, understand and act upon when you are calm, balanced and have a strong spiritual connection. 


I like to use essential oils, even while driving because they make me a more aware and intuitive driver.


Specific high-quality essential oils are great to achieve fast results. They calm your mind down quickly, provide mental clarity and a strong spiritual connection, so you can trust your intuition and get clear answers.


My 4 favourite essential oils for boosting intuition are Basil, Frankincense, Rosemary and Sandalwood.  


I only use Doterra essential oils because I know they’re high quality.  Did you know 80% of essential oil brands on the market are contaminated either intentionally or unintentionally. 


I know that Doterra oils have extremely high standards, are third party lab tested and therapeutic grade.  Making some of them even fit for consumption.


My 4 Favourite Essential Oils for 

Boosting Intuition


Basil – The oil of Renewal


Basil oil cleanses and refreshes the soul.  It opens to the heart to release thoughts and feelings that can interfere with your intuition. 


Basil oil helps connect you with the divine, Archangels, Ascended Master and ancestors to receive clear messages. 


Physically, basil oil releases nervous tension, overwhelm and exhaustion from your body.  It supports healthy blood circulation and mental clarity.


Basil oil is great for people that suffer from: Anxiousness, overwhelm, tiredness, drained feeling, exhaustion and negative habits.


The positive benefits of Basil oil are: Feeling energized, renewed, rejuvenated, rested and strengthened.


Frankincense – The oil of Truth


Frankincense oil purifies your soul.  It clears dark energy and thoughts from your mind.  It helps raise your energetic vibration by flushing out low vibrating energy, lies, deceptions and negativity.


Frankincense helps expand your spiritual awareness to understand the bigger picture, your truth, it increases your concentration and focus and aligns you with unconditional love.   


This oil opens your spiritual channels and enhances your spiritual connection. Thus, making it a great oil to use during meditation, prayer, energy healing and for when you want to receive intuitive messages.


Frankincense oil is great for people that suffer from abandonment, spiritual disconnect, feel distant from their father, feel unprotected and feel spiritually dark.


The positive benefits of Frankincense oil are feeling enlightened, loved, protected, wise, spiritually open, connected with one’s father and healthy discernment.


Rosemary – The oil of Knowledge & Transition


Rosemary oil helps purify your mind and develop true knowledge and wisdom.  It helps strengthen the mind and memory to function better, hold a longer attention span and focus deeper on a topic, person or situation.  Rosemary is a great oil to apply on your forehead, temples, neck and head for doing intuitive body scanning, intuitive readings and visualizations. 


Rosemary oil is excellent for people that suffer from low attention span, memory problems, brain fog, confusion, difficulty adjusting or transitioning, ignorance and difficulty learning.


Rosemary oil helps stimulate mental clarity, feeling inspired, open to new experiences, teachable and knowledgeable.   

Sandalwood – The oil of Sacred Devotion


Sandalwood oil calms the mind and assists with prayer, meditation, intuitive readings and energy healing.  It teaches one to be respectful and kind. 


I like to apply 1 or 2 drops to my forehead and 3rd Eye Chakra for doing body scanning or at the beginning of a meditation.


It helps people feel grounded as they align themselves with the spiritual world and god.  Sandalwood teaches spiritual devotion and spiritual sacrifice helping people let go of materials, habits. foods, and people that do not serve them.


Sandalwood is great for people that suffer from being disconnected from god or spiritual self, feeling empty, overthinking and materialism.


Sandalwood oil is excellent if you want to increase your spiritual clarity and devotion, stillness, surrender, humility and higher consciousness.


You can use all four oils separately or in combination.  I take 1-2 drops of essential oil and apply it on my forehead, temples, neck, lower abdomen and bottoms of feet.  Sometimes I will mix them with a carrier oil or lotion like fractionated coconut oil or a non-scented lotion. 


Doterra essential oils are not available in stores you have to purchase them from a Wellness Adovate like Keri Fulmore


Click here to purchase Doterra essential oils.


If you are interested in saving money and getting Doterra essential oils at wholesale email me @ [email protected]


One last thing.  Have you ever used essential oils for boosting your intuition?  If so, which ones?  Comment below, I'd love to know what which oils.

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Herbal Hacks to Boost Your Intuition


In order to have the best intuition you need to have a vital mind and body.


Many people tell me they don’t trust their intuition or think it is unreliable.   What I find with these people is their vitality is low.


The reason for this, is because their minds and bodies are clogged up with toxins and lacking certain nutrients to perform on a consistent basis.


You can enhance your intuition with herbs whether you are just starting out using your intuition or you have been using it for a while. 


I know this to be true, because I did it. 


There are two herbs that work together synergistically to feed and nourish your intuition.  I’m talking about Fo-ti (He Shou Wu) and Gotu Kola.


Together these herbs bring together one of the most important Traditional Chinese Medicine rejuvenates with one of the most important Indian (Ayurveda) herbs.


Both are used to counter the effects of aging and revitalize the mind and body.


  • Fo-ti for building and rebuilding tissues
  • Gotu Kola for revitalizing the mind.


Why do these Herbs Enhance Intuition?




Fo-ti enhances intuition because it builds up the physical life force of the body. 


It builds blood and sperm and makes the ova more vital.  Thus, considered to be a primary fertility-enhancing herb.  It strengthens the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. It strengthens the kidneys, liver and nervous system and prevents premature aging.  It’s a famous herb for restoring head hair from grey to its natural color. 


Research has demonstrated that Fo-ti can greatly increase superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity.  SOD is a powerful natural antioxidant and free-radical scavenger that has powerful anti-aging properties.  Fo-ti also inhibits beta-monoamine oxidase.


Gotu Kola


Gotu Kola enhances intuition revitalizing the nerves and brain cells.


Gotu Kola is used for increasing intelligence, longevity, memory and decreasing senility and aging.  It fortifies the immune system, both cleansing and feeding it and strengthens the adrenal glands.  At the same time, it is a powerful blood purifier for chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


It’s considered one of the most spiritual of all herbs.  Used by yogis as food for meditation.  It awakens the crown chakra and helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain.


How to Ingest Fo-ti & Gotu Kola?


As a decoction (tea) I recommend taking these herbs together in equal portion and adding a little bit of fennel to assist with digestion and assimilation.


Another way to take these herbs is via tincture (alcohol extraction) in equal portions. 


Interested in learning about other foods, supplements and techniques to enhance your intuition and life force?


Check out the Intuitive Energy Healing Course, where Keri and I will be teaching all about it.


Click here to check out Intuitive Energy Healing Course

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Can YOU Self Heal? Find Out How I did it.

Have you ever wondered if SELF HEALING was possible for YOU?  


Perhaps you have read stories of miraculous healings in other people.  


I too wondered the same thing when my life turned upside down.  I was doing great.  I was eating all the right foods, exercising, loving my children, had a loving husband, but I learned that wasn't enough. 


One day suddenly out of nowhere I found myself in the 'dark night of the soul', or a very tomultuous health storm.  I was crippled with head to toe pain, burning, shaking, tremors and crippled posture.  I could barely get out of bed, let alone take care of my kids.  Doctor's told me I was normal and there was nothing wrong with me.  I had lost all hope.  


I didn't believe healing could happen to me, that is until I decided to take my power back.  Until I decided to take healing into my own hands.  


Find out what I did to heal my body in video below......  and what you can do to!


You are more powerful than you could ever imagine and if I can do it, so can you!


Self Healing Video



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