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Digestive Tips for the Holidays


Do you suffer from fatigue, digestive fullness and gas after a heavy meal?


I know I have before.  I wanted to give you some great tips before you set out to visit your friends and loved ones over Christmas Holidays. 


We all know that lots of socializing over the holidays, means lots of yummy food and over indulgance.  It can also mean bad food combining, which is a recipe for a gassy bloated couch potato. 


Digestive Tips to Reduce and Prevent the Holiday Heaviness in Your Tummy


1. Digestive Enzymes with Betain HCL - I love to use 'NOW Super Enzymes.'  I find them to work extremely well for me and most people who use them.  Take 15 mins before eating.  This will help increase your stomach acid so that you can digest a big heavy meal with ease and comfort. They contain Betaine HCL and other plant digestive enzymes to make your digestion work like a well oiled machine. You don't need to feel lethargic after your holiday meal.


2. Digestive Bitters - This is another favourite to use before a meal.  Just a teaspoon of digestive bitters 15 mins before eating will get your liver secreting bile, which will increase your stomach acid and other digestive enzymes for better digestion.  


3. Apple Cider Vinegar - Just a capful of apple cider vinegar in an ounce or more of water 15 mins before a meal helps to increase your stomach acid.  Some people love Apple Cider Vinegar as much as other enzymes and digestive tricks.  It will help to digest your meal with ease leaving gas and bloating out of the equation. 


4.  Peppermint Tea or Peppermint Essential oil - If you don't have any of the above or just forget, you can sip on a cup of peppermint tea after a big meal.  Peppermint tea will help you to move the bloating and digestive heaviness through your digestive tract with ease.  You can also use a high quality essential oil like DoTerra or Young Living peppermint oil.  Just a drop in a warm cup of water will be enough. 


So there you have it.  Just some tips to help make your holiday and digestion lighter. 


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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Adam Fulmore
June 9, 2024
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May 17, 2024
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