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The Connection Between Helplessness and Poor Health

“Past failure is not a predictor of your future success.”


What would your life look like if you forgave yourself from your past mistakes and weaknesses?

All change begins with being honest with yourself. 


To be healthy you must have a healthy belief about it. 


Have you ever thought, “I’m not healthy because I don’t deserve it.” Or “I am not healthy because my mother isn’t (or someone else you are related to).” 


Thoughts like these, stem from shame and self-doubt resulting in feeling like a victim.  This type of mentality takes away personal responsibility and power to heal.  Leaving the person feeling helpless, hopeless and blaming others for their problems. 


To have the power to heal you must first have more energy.  Second you must take full responsibility for your health and positive transformation. 


Look at any negative beliefs you have about health and flip them to healthy ones and embody those beliefs. 


For example, if you flip the negative beliefs above to a positive one like “I am so happy and grateful I am healthy.”


Do your best to visualize and see that you’ve already achieved this and embody the feeling of it. 


The more you do this the more your brain will believe it. 


Your brain doesn’t know the difference if something has happened in real life or made up in your brain. 


Every time you have strong feelings, your brain produces the chemicals in alignment with the feelings.  For example, when you feel grateful your brain produces serotonin and dopamine and when you feel fear you produce adrenaline and cortisol.    


Also, you will become aware ways of being and staying healthy that you didn’t notice before because your awareness was focused on negative beliefs and feelings about health. 


It’s important to consciously focus on what you want each day first thing in the morning to set your intentions for the day.   


“The greatest gift you can give to the world is being the healthiest version of yourself.”


Self-doubt is not a signal to stop.  Doubt is a signal to learn. 


If you are not growing, you die or at least a part of you does.  Hence, if you’ve ever done the same thing day in and day out you feel bored, uninspired, and often drained.    


The secret to happiness is progress.  People feel alive when they are growing.  


But it can be scary.  The fastest way for you to break free of your comfort zone is by working with a person or people that have done what you want to achieve. 


If you don’t have goals, life will give you problems to help you create goals. 


For example, if you are struggling with chronic digestive problems.  Now your goal is to get rid of (heal) those digestive problems. 


However, to truly heal from any health problem you have to change who you are to prevent the symptoms from returning.   


Find a role model no matter your age.  Do what they are doing so you can be the greatest version of yourself. 


Find someone that is really good at what you want and train with them. 


Commit to what you want to learn each year. 


Schedule it. 


To do this you will have to conquer any fears of not having enough time and money. 


Find help with conquering fears of not enough time here


Find help conquering fears of not enough money here.


If you would like to receive more in-depth help overcoming a health problem, you can sign up to work with me here. 

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June 9, 2024
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May 17, 2024
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