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An Essential Element For Optimal Health

“Our intention creates our reality.”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


As a teenager, my intentions and thoughts were often negative and affected my emotions.  I judged myself daily which made me feel angry and fearful.  Through this action of judgment and its associated emotions, my body became very sore and tight which caused mild depression, digestive problems, and relationship issues.


I had created quite a mess for myself.


As in my case, physical health issues can be the direct result of unhealthy thinking along with an emotional counterpart.  Energetically, it caused a contraction of the energy flow in my body which also affected my blood circulation. Less blood circulation allowed waste materials to build up in my body which led to inflammation, swelling, and pain.  


Eventually, I realized what I was doing was wrong and I felt pulled to make a change.


I began first by changing my intention about my life; I started with, “there must be more to life than this.” With that intention, I was intuitively guided to better choices and realized how I had created so much stress within myself.  


But why had I created so much stress in my life?


The stress was a result of how I viewed my life rather than what it actually was.  I now see how my life is a great opportunity to grow, expand, and become the best version of myself.  Sure this is not always easy. But when I have moved through my challenges, I have found that my life has always improved.


Where did it all start for me? Intentions.  I turned my intentions into action, which was the fun part.  When you live a life through great intentions, you deepen your love for yourself and others.


So how do you and I set great intentions?  


  1. Close your eyes and say, “Today I set my intention to live fully with love and optimal health.”
  2. With your eyes closed, ask yourself, “Is there anything I need to do right now to make this happen for me?”

Now that you have set your intention, you will be presented with opportunities to live fully with love and optimal health.  Therefore, you must take action when these moments occur.


If you are not able to take action right away, carry around a notebook, or use your smartphone to write down any messages or signs that you receive.


If you have trouble taking action, it likely has to do with your relationship with the unknown and the emotional response you will get from it.  In order to become a better version of yourself, it requires you go to a place that may be unfamiliar.


To help overcome hesitation, set your intention to have a healthy relationship with the unknown and change.  This is done by closing your eyes and saying to yourself, “I set my intention to have a healthy relationship with the unknown and change.”


After setting this intention, check in with yourself to see how you feel about taking a specific action that makes you feel uneasy or scared. If you feel good or neutral now….great.


However, if you still feel apprehensive, there is more for you to change and let go. At this point, I can assist you to overcome any challenges, so you may live fully with love and optimal health. To work with me, sign up for a Distance Healing Session.


What did you learn here:


  1. The power of intention.
  2. How to set healthy intentions.
  3. To followup your intention with action.
  4. How to overcome fear and stress of going into the unknown with your actions.
  5. Positive Intention + Action = Happier & Healthier Life. 


Sign up for a Distance Healing Session to help overcome your challenges


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June 9, 2024
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May 17, 2024
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