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My Intuitive Reading of Covid-19


I want to share my perspective of Covid-19 after doing an Intuitive Reading on it.


You may know that I read energy to find the root cause of a health problems.  I scan a person’s body to understand why the person is having a specific symptom or experiencing an illness.


Many times, the cause of health issues are not just physical, but have mental, emotional and even spiritual components to them.


I don’t know why I didn’t think about this earlier, but I decided to connect with the energy of Covid-19 virus to understand why some people are being affected by it so much.


The intuitive answers I received were people that are weak are getting it bad.  Particularly people with weak hearts and cardiovascular system along with inflamed liver.


But here’s an interesting part (or at least I thought it was interesting).  These organs are out of balance due to specific emotions being stuck in them then affecting the heart and liver from functioning properly. 


In the heart there is sadness and the liver there is anger.


Negative emotions being stuck in organs is well understood in Eastern and other forms holistic medicine.  When you deal with the emotions it frees up the circulation in the organ, so the immune system of the body repairs the organ. 


What this is ultimately telling me is that these people that are either dying from Covid-19 or being severely affected by it have unresolved stress and trauma stored in their bodies.  Resulting in the immune systems not working properly when they contract Covid-19.


Therefore, the solution to my findings is process those trapped negative emotions and nourish the heart and liver. 


Another interesting side-note.  High doses of Vitamin C have been used in some severe cases of Covid 19 to help them recover.


Vitamin C inhibits oxidation of LDL-protein, thereby reducing atherosclerosis.


I dug deeper into my intuitive finding of Covid-19 and found that the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine has emerging evidence linking acute and chronic lung inflammation to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.


To sum this up, it appears that poor cardiovascular health, particularly hardening of arteries / atherosclerosis is a major factor for people that are being strongly affected.


Ultimately, I believe in order for a person to be as healthy as possible they need to invest into their health.  That means taking care of your body, exercising, eating well, educating yourself about health and lower your stress level. 


In saying all of this, I’m going to be adding special attention to all people’s hearts, cardiovascular systems and livers, along with boosting immunity, healing powers and lowering stress to all the Healings during Covid-19.


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Adam Fulmore
June 9, 2024
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Keri Fulmore
May 17, 2024
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