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Third Most Common Reason that Stop People from Investing Into their Health

Have you ever been really excited about an idea that could improve your health?


Then you go tell someone like your spouse, a close friend or someone you really care about and they try to convince you out of it and are unsupportive?


Your spouse (if you have one) typically has the most influence over your decision making if you let them. 


The biggest reason why your spouse or someone tries to stop you from doing something to improve your health (or other areas of your life) is because they don’t fully understand how it’s going to change you for the better. 


They’re often more concerned about how your decision is going to have a negative impact on them, based on a past experience. 


It could be that you’ve done something in the past and you didn’t get the desired results, the cost or time away could bother them. 


If you find yourself facing this obstacle it's important for you to paint a clear picture to help them understand how it’s going to benefit them and you. 


  • Before speaking to your spouse write out want you are going to say and visualize it going well with positive feelings.
  • It good to let them know how it will make you feel doing the thing you have discovered. 
  • Ask them how they feel about you doing it. 
  • What do they want or don’t want from you to help ensure you follow through with your idea.
  • It’s good to find out what their resistance is to reassure them, that this decision will improve they’re life in the long-term as well.

These tips will go a long way to improve your health and your communication with your spouse, along with others that you care about.


Comment below if you have faced this obstacle and how you handled it.   

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Adam Fulmore
June 9, 2024
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Keri Fulmore
May 17, 2024
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