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Natural Solutions for Seasonal Allergies


You might be wondering why the heck I am doing writing about SEASONAL ALLERGIES at the beginning of February. 


I mean the snow is still on the ground in most of the northern hemisphere.  Seasonal Allergies don’t start for at least another 6-8 weeks depending on where you live, so why think about it now?


Well, what if I told you that you could begin now to prevent symptoms and even heal the root cause.


Ok, you would have to take action, but still, wouldn’t it be worth it?


First, let's talk about what causes Seasonal Allergies?


It has been said that everything begins in the GUT, and this could not be closer to the truth when it comes to Allergies.


Almost everyone I have personally worked with that has any kind of allergies also had what is known as a LEAK GUT. 


Leaky What?


You probably have heard this term a few dozen times by now as everyone is talking about it and the information is everywhere.  


But, in a nutshell, Leaky Gut starts with the tight junctions in your Gut becoming porous.  In other words, poor diet, stress, medications, among other things have slowly worn away little tiny holes in your gut wall. 


This is a bad place to be, as now little food particles, toxins like bad bacteria and viruses, candida can leak into your bloodstream by way of these porous tight junctions.  


This essentially creates a ton of work for the immune system.  Now the immune system is over burdened with TOXINS.  Furthermore coupled with daily life stress and because it is overburdened, when you now get exposed to grasses, pollens, dust etc, an immune system hyper-reaction takes place (Allergic Reaction).


The answer to all of this is to focus on your digestive tract, cleanse out toxic build up and de-stress, so your immune system can calm down.


Where to Begin?


The very first place to start is with your DIET.  If you suffer from Allergies you must eat a Clean Diet. 


I always suggest beginning with a diet to help heal your digestive system. 


This means that you should definitely be eating a whole foods diet that does not contain anything out of a box or package.  Your diet should contain a plethora of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats like avocado, grassfed butter, coconut oil, lean protein and nuts and seeds that have been refridgerated (nuts on the shelf have usually grown mold by the time you get them). 


I often tell people to avoid all gluten, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, corn, soy, dairy, and most grains with the exception of Quinoa.  Grains can be quite inflammatory for people and it is a nice break for your body to help it clean out some stored toxins.




Foods to Eat for First 6 Weeks:
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Green Vegetables
  • Low Glycemic Fruits like berries and apples
  • Lean Protein (if you eat meat make sure it is grassfed, organic and ethically raised)
  • Healthy fats like grass-fed butter, avocado, fish oils, extra virgin organic cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil, etc
  • Root Vegetables like beets, carrots, squash and yams (sorry white potato is not recommended)
  • Lentils (no other beans in the beginning)
  • Homemade bone broth (very healing for the gut)
Do Not Eat these Foods for First 6 weeks:
  • No Corn
  • No Gluten or grains other than the ones on the allowed list (remember grains can be inflammatory and we want to bring down inflammation)
  • No sugar
  • No Alcohol
  • No Caffeine (caffeine creates inflammation by taxing the adrenal glands)
  • No Soy
  • No vegetable oils
  • No margarine
  • Nothing from a package or processed
  • No pasta (although zucchini noodles make great pasta)
  • No dairy (for the first 6 weeks only grass-fed butter is suggested)

After the first 6 weeks, you can slowly add in one food at a time and notice how it makes you feel.  I would suggest excluding gluten and packaged processed foods indefinitely and keeping sugar to a minimum.


If you add back in a food and notice any reactions, continue with the diet longer.  It can take a good year to completely heal the gut.


While you are healing your digestive tract you can begin supplementing to deal with histamine, inflammation and your immune system.

My Supplement Suggestions:
  • Quercetin – This supplement is a wonderful gut healer.  Not only does it help heal the tight junctions in the gut, but it also acts like an anti-histamine. It is a natural bioflavinoid that helps to stabalize mast cells from releasing histamine. Begin taking Quercetin 6 weeks before the allergy season begins.  Click here to buy Quercetin or find in a health food store.
  • MSM – Here we have a sulphur containing supplement that not only heals the gut, but also lowers inflammation in the body.  MSM helps to stop particles from leaking into the blood stream by healing the digestive wall and tight junctions.  It is also a wonderful painful joints and muscles, helps us hold onto collagen and keratin and the elasticity of the skin.  Click here to buy MSM or find it in a health food store.
  • Probiotics – With any immune system issue probiotics are essential.  Good bacteria make up the first line of defense for the immune system and probiotics will build good bacteria in your digestive tract.  They are also essential for any gut healing and allergy protocol. Since Allergies are a result of an imbalance in the gut, probiotics are a must. Click here to buy Probiotics or find them in a health food or grocery store. 
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Fish oils that are higher in EPA rather than DHA are an amazing anti-inflammatory.  Because inflammation is such a huge part of allergies, keeping inflammation down is essential.  This together with a good diet help to combat allergies. Click here to buy Omega 3 Fatty Acids or find them in a health food or grocery store.
  • Local Bee Pollen and Honey – There is a lot of information on local honey and bee products to help combat allergies.  Just a tsp a day can help your body adapt to the local allergens in your environment.
  • Astragalus – This herb is a powerful immune tonic.  It not only helps to increase your energy, but strengthens your immune system as well as your respiratory system.  It is a great addition to any allergy plan.  Click here to buy Astragalus or find it in a health food store.
  • Nettie Pot – Nasal Rinses can really help to clear out allergens from the sinuses and keep inflammation down.  This should be used daily until your allergies are a thing of the past.

These supplement suggestions coupled with the right HEALING DIET are usually enough to not only prevent allergies, but get rid of them all together. 


Remember, your immune system is speaking to you.  The best thing you can do for your immune system is look to your digestion and flood it with the amazing good bacteria found in probiotics and fermented foods. 


Do you have ALLERGIES?  


I know first hand how bad they can be.  But, by taking healthy actions you can overcome them.

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