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Medical Intuitive Readings


Can a Medical Intuitive on the other side of the COUNTRY, or even the other side of the PLANET read your physical body, find ROOT CAUSES to your SICKNESS & really help you develop YOUR OWN personal plan for bringing your body back to its NATURAL STATE of perfect HEALTH???


Hello friend,


If you feel like you have been Fumbling in the Dark, Struggling to find the Right Solution for the Conditions that have held you back from YOUR RIGHT to OPTIMAL HEALTH and WELLBEING, then using Medical Intuition will provide Vvaluable Information.  It goes beyond just addressing the symptoms of health and disease. Medical Intuition digs deep, connecting to a higher source to provide insightful information about the elusive root causes that have been denying you from your right to Health and Vitality.

You see, ALL HEALTH ISSUES are interconnected. What happens on the physical level has its counter part condition on different energetic levels. Often, physical issues are connected to emotional and mental imbalances, and vice versa. It creates a host of debilitating problems for those individuals affected. 

Not only will your Medical Intuitive Reading provide this level of insightful information, it also includes an Action Plan for getting your Health back on track.


With extensive training in Medical Intuition, Theta Healing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, and more than 10 years of hands on experience working in holistic healing, I will be able to draw on several modalities to design a proper health program to address your health concerns.



I very much enjoyed speaking with Keri, she is extremely knowledgeable and also easy to talk to.  During my session Keri mentioned several times I have some issues going on with my bladder. Although I had no symptoms I asked my doctor to check at my appointment the next day and she confirmed I had an infection and prescribed me antibiotics!! I was so relieved it had been detected by Keri before I had to make another appointment with my doctor and deal with the symptoms!


Thanks again Keri, you are so gifted!


- Korey Giordano, Leland, N. Carolina, USA

Here are some Health Issues that clients have come to me with recently, from all over the world: 


Allergies Asthma Panic Attacks
Weight Loss High Blood Pressure Kidney Stones
Gallstones Hormonal Imbalances Depression
Heavy Metal Toxicity Poisoning Viruses Crohn's Disorder
Emotional Imbalances Scoliosis Digestive Issues

Intestinal Dysbiosis



SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)

Brain Injury

Chronic Fatigue

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Chronic Pain
Sleep Disorders Protatitis Low Libido

What is involved in a Medical Intuitive Reading?


During a Medical Intuitive Reading, I will scan your body for the root causes of the symptoms happening in your body.  I will look at your organs, glands, bones, brain, muscles and nervous system.  I scan your body for viruses, bacteria, toxins, fungus or yeast, muscle imbalances, misalignments in the spine and even emotional trauma that is being held in the body.


After finding the root cause of your health issues, I give you a Detailed Action Plan, which often includes supplements, herbs, detox suggestions and even different therapies to seek out such as EMDR, chiropractic, massage, Functional Neurology, etc. (if needed)


Your Medical Intuitive Reading can be done over the phone or by email.


Many of my clients really like a Phone Reading, which is 1 hour long.  During that time you can ask as many questions as you would like.  Also, within the next 3 business days I will send your health plan via email.


The value of a 1hr Phone Reading with emailed health plan is $150 US.


But, wait I have just created Medical Intuitive Reading Packages that include Follow-up Readings to Support your Healing.  Click Here to See Packages.


If you would like your Medical Intuitive Reading typed out and sent to you by email this takes additional time and the value of this is $247 US.


When you fill out the form below, make sure you fully describe the CONDITIONS, SYMPTOMS and ISSUES that you want me to work on. If more information is required, I'll contact you by email, or if you order the phone upgrade we will also review your health objectives by phone to make sure you get the most out of your reading.

Your Medical Intuitive Reading will include the following:
  • Scan of Physical Blockages
  • Scan of Emotional and Psychological Blockages
  • Complete Summaries Sent by Email
  • Email Feedback and Clarification Service
  • Suggested Supplement Plan
  • Dietary Suggestions
  • Toxicity Issues
  • Suggested Alternative Modalities to Assist in Healing

Action is the key to making positive changes in your health, life and wellbeing. So don't hesitate! Take the next step right now and please allow me just 2-3 regular workdays days, not including weekends to inform you when you can expect to have your Full Medical Intuitive Reading summary by email or schedule your Phone Reading.

I look forward to helping you find the answers, solutions and information you have been looking for.

Your Medical Intuitive,



Keri Dennis-Fulmore

Intuitive Health Solutions


Use the form below to get your Full Medical Intuitive Reading.


I will contact you with details on how we will be using Medical Intuition to dig deeper into the sources of the symptoms and conditions that you have posted below.



Please read my Privacy Policy before filling out this form.


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If someone has referred you please input their first & last name and email address. As a gift for referral I will give the person a 30mins intuitive consultation with me.
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I certify that I am 18 years of age or older and have or will consult my healthcare practitioner regarding any intuitive, spiritual, holistic or alternative treatment I may receive. I fully understand that Medical Intuition or any kind of energy based counselling or service received through this website is in NO way a substitute for my medical consultations or treatments from my medical doctor (s) or any licensed professional (s). I am also aware of the terms and conditions of this site.

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