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Attn: This is for people with hormone imbalances, chronic pain and digestive problems and more..

"Finally! Learn How To heal without having to go from practitioner to practitioner."


(So, you DON'T have to struggle with your health anymore!)

Take back control of your life and….

* Heal, be vital and thrive

* Enjoy life

* Be happy and healthy


* Have the body you want!

Dear Health Crusader,

If you want to get your life back, spend time with family and friends, or even if you just want a healthy body, then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

Because in today's world you DO NOT want to be functioning less than your full potential or else you can find yourself missing out on all the goodness life has to offer you!


Once you know the root cause of your symptoms and have the right health protocol you can finally heal!


Here is what Katie Beecher had to say about her reading with Keri Fulmore:


“I am happy to tell you about the reading I had with Keri.


I am a medical intuitive and medium who works with clients all over the world.


Keri is the only person I have ever asked to do a Medical Intuitive Reading on me. She was extremely accurate with the information about my body, my emotions and even my personal life. The suggestions she gave me were very helpful and made me think about things in a way I hadn't before. She knew about supplements to help with what I have been dealing with and also about treatments with various alternative professionals.


I highly recommend a Medical Intuitive Reading with Keri Fulmore!


Here's how and why working with Keri Fulmore can be lifechanging...

My name is Keri Fulmore, I blend holistic health sciences with Medical Intuition to help people get to the root causes of their symptoms and create the perfect protocol for healing. 

I have helped thousands of people all over the world for over 16 years as a Medical Intuitive and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

My Medical Intuitive Reading Packages provide people with the root cause of their symptoms, and the health protocol to experience health, vitality and strength.

Here are testimonials from people just like you who got results.


“I am so grateful that I found Keri. For years I suffered with chronic pain, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, Hypothyroid, parasites, chronic Lyme, Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis.


About 20 years ago I worked with an herbalist who told me that I had all these health issues, but instead of trying to help me, became very controlling and tried to take over my life!! After that I searched and searched for another alternative practitioner to help me find the answers to achieve good health.


I went from one Dr./herbalist/energy healer/medical intuitive/practitioner to the next and, must have spent at least a couple hundred thousand dollars over the past 17 years in fees, tests, and supplements.


Some practitioners require a few thousand dollars on the first visit just to get started with them!


I was able to experience a little bit of healing here and there, but still knew that there was something deeper causing my health issues that no one was able to pick up on while working with me.


Finally, one day I was so exhausted and in so much physical pain for so long that I researched Medical Intuitives on the internet and found Keri.


During my first reading, Keri was able to discover SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth) as the root causes to many of my health issues. Once I started on her protocol, I was having die off symptoms, but knew I was getting to root cause of my problems and experienced improvements in my symptoms within a few months.


Eight months later, I was able to come off arthritis medication and have killed off most of the bacteria causing my health problems. Keri has helped me so much that I would recommend her to anyone who is suffering with health issues.


She spends the time to answer all your questions. If you are willing to follow the protocols, Keri can help you achieve results faster than most practitioners for a fraction of the cost."


~ Cindy S. Yonkers, NY, USA 

Every minute you wait is another minute you miss out on fully living your life.


When was the last time you felt good?

The longer you are unhealthy the more money and time it takes to heal. I know this one too well.



Here is what a Medical Intuitive Reading will do for you!


* You'll discover exactly what is causing your pain and health problems.

* You'll skip past wasting money on supplements and therapies that you don't need to be healthy.

* You won't have to go from practitioner to practitioner looking for answers.

* You'll finally know what to do.

* You'll have more vitality when you are reviving your health.


I’m not going to lie.  This will take some work on your part. I will tell you what you need to do, but you will have to put that plan into action!

Ann (friend) got me a “Medical Intuitive Reading,“ with a Medical Intuitive. Seemed like a lark to me.  This person is in Guelph Ontario.


Ann sent her a brief description of my “ailments” and she intuited / looked into me. The results she sent by email made me blanch.  Yikes I might die soon!


Well I have been taking her prescribed herbs and such every morning for 10 days and feel 10 years younger… Amazing.


Now, I can putter in my shop and cut firewood from 8 till 4 and still feel good.


~ Bill Duggan, BC, Canada


* It gives you the confidence you need because you finally have an answer to what has been ailing you.

* With a solid health plan, you will start to feel better

* You can show up to life again.


Dear Friend,


First, let me tell you why I help people heal. 


I help people heal because I know what it feels like to be in body wide chronic pain, not able to get out of bed or play with my kids, mourning the life I once had.


I help people heal because I know what it feels like to only want to feel normal again, so that I could feel the joy in life again. 


I help people heal because, after running from doctor to doctor and turning up with nothing, it was my intuition that healed me.


I now help hundreds of people just like you heal, by using my intuition.

So, Here's What you will Receive with my Medical Intuitive Reading Packages.

45mins Phone Medical Intuitive Reading where I will do a full body scan on you to discover the root cause of your symptoms. This is often physical, emotional and mental/spiritual causes that I find.


Once I know what the root cause is, I create a specific healing protocol for you, which I send to your email.


Depending on how many health issues you have going on and the amount of time you have had them corresponds to how many follow-up readings and support calls you should receive.


A follow up is important for checking in to see how your body is changing and whether there needs to be any changes put in place. As your body changes, so does your protocol.  Healing often happens in layers.

To understand how many Follow-Up Readings and Support Calls are best for you, read the chart below. 


Number of Follow-up Readings & Calls

Who is this for



 Someone with a health  issue for under 2yrs

 To provide support and changes in protocol (if needed)  


 Someone with 1-2 health issues for over 2yrs

 As the body heals provide optimal support and make any changes in protocol as needed.


 Someone with many health issues for over 2yrs

 Receive more support on your journey to health 


Now, that you understand how many Follow-up Readings and Support Calls with a Full Medical Intuitive Reading that are best to help you.  You can overcome your health struggles, move forward and get exactly what you need for only:

Here's How To Order Right Now.


Go ahead and click the Add to Cart buttom of the package that is best suited to help you heal and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more! Let's get started right now!

45mins Initial Phone Reading with one 30mins Follow-Up Reading. This is for someone with a health issue for under 2yrs.  Only $375 US.  


45mins Initial Phone Reading with three 30mins Follow-Up Reading. This is for you if you have 1-2 health issue for over 2yrs.  Only $610 US. 


45mins Initial Phone Reading with six 30mins Follow-Up Reading. This is for someone with multiple health issue for over 2yrs.  Only $940 US.  

Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server

I look forward to helping you regain and optimize your health and vitality.

Keri Fulmore

Medical Intuitive, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Author