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Past Life Regression


Have you ever wondered who you were in your past lives or can't help but wonder if certain current relationships are somehow tied to your past?

Are you working through karmic patterns related to illness, disease, undesirable personality traits, addictions, fears, phobias that don't have reasonable explaination?



Hello friend,


My name is Addi Strasser, I facilitate Past Life Rgressions using the system called "Clouds."  This system allows me to co-journey with the client, which is different from hypnosis-based regression.

 In my 22yrs experience of offering Past Life Regressions I've found them to be singularly the most "fast fix" for so many people and so many problems and questions.  Many who've had them say they serve them for years to come. They're a great investment in oneself! 

What is a Past Life Regression? 

Past lives can impact your unconscious mind and affect your behavior, beliefs, and relationships until they are brought forward into conscious awareness.  This is because you re-inhabit the same "energy envelope" that you left behind previously when you are born into this life. 


When you are brought towards understanding these aspects, acknowledging your past and working to resolve past issues, a Past Life Regression can help you to move forward with clarity and purpose. 

Benefits of a Past Life Regression

  • Gain insight into current relationships
  • Resolve karmic patterns of behavior
  • Help to heal illness, disease, undesired personality traits, addictions, and phobias that don’t have a reasonable explanation
  • Communicate with your past life self and help to gain greater understanding into your current life situation
  • Reduce fears around death and dying
  • Deepen your understanding about your life purpose

How does a Past Life Regression work? 


I use a process called "Clouds" which allows me to co-journey with you into the past. I will be able to ask questions, flush out observations, and otherwise support your experience. Most people find this very comforting and helpful. 


A Past Life Regression can be done in person or remotely by phone, Zoom or other communications system.  You'll want to have a headset and work from a comfortable space. 


How long is a Past Life Regression?


Most Past Life Regressions are 3 hours. 


First, we use deep relaxation and walk backwards through your current life. This is helpful to uncover parts of your current life which need healing, too. 


Next we visit your in utero experience (gestational period) to discover how that experience informs your current life. 


Transitionally, we visit with the "Essential You" who existed prior to this lifetime, and look at the plans you made and the challenges you set out for yourself.   This part of the process is often very helpful and healing to understanding any current problems or lifelong patterns. 


Often you meet with your Spiritual Guides here and grow in understanding their role in helping you.


As we work through each of these phases together of an incarnation, we do clearing and healing work around them, and we "flag" times and places that need further attention.


Now we go into your previous incarnations.  In most Past Life Regressions several previous lifetimes are uncovered.  


You may have curiosity about certain people, places or times in the past.  You may wish to understand current talents and passions or fears and blocks.  We can focus on these questions, or just see what comes. 


You will be able to see your past lives and remember for yourself what happened.  In most cases the relevance to the current lifetime is clear, but the question is always asked, "What does this have to do with now?"  


Goal of Past Life Regression


The focus of a Past Life Regression is not idle curiosity, nor to glorify the past, but to bring real understanding to you about your trajectory and purpose in this life, and to place behind  any encumbrance to meeting those goals and dreams. 


I have been doing Past Life Regressions since 2000,  and always find it to be an incredibly deep turn in a person's healing process.  It is deep work, hard work and very rewarding.  


In closing the session, we clear any unhealthy connections to your past, place previous experiences in proper context, and celebrate the forgotten parts of yourself we can now connect with.  


A full Past Life Regression takes about 3 hours and will require a day's rest afterwards. Book  well ahead, plan your day, and let's get started on your next adventure!  

What you receive when you sign up for Past Life Regression?

  • 3hr call over phone or Zoom

  • Recording (if done over Zoom)

  • Clarity about your current life and past lives

  • Answers to your most pressing questions

  • A greater understanding of your life purpose 

  • and more....

All of this for $479 US.