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Group Healing 




Dear Friend,


Are YOU Struggling with HEALTH ISSUES, EMOTIONAL PAIN, or just Not Feeling Right, "Here Is Your Chance To Make Healthy Changes."  


Group Healing is a service I offer to help people like you Regain Health, Emotional Stability, Confidence, Balance and even Preventative!  


Health issues develop as messages telling you that you need to make upgrades to who you are at a Core Level!  If you put up resistance to change, this causes your energy flow to stagnant, conpress and overtime blocks up.  Resulting in Physical, Mental and or Emotional Distress.  


Why in the world would you block your own energy?


It all begins in the way you see yourself and interpret life.  Such as, if you think you don't have enough money to eat healthy!


There is enormous amounts of scientific evidence that proves eating chemically ridden foods and GMOs are hazardous to health.  They have very little nutrition, weaken the immune system and slowly breakdown the body, which inhibit it from working well.  Eventually physical crisis happens because the body can no longer work from the toxicity and destruction done to the body.  


Instead of thinking, "I can't afford to eat healthy,"  think, "How can I afford to eat well?"  What this will do is cause your mind to find ways to do it. Then, when these solutions appear take action to follow through.  


This is only one example of how unhealthy thinking leads to poor physical health.  Everyone has their own set of beliefs, which cause havoc to their energy body.  The key is to make changes; weed out the ones that are inhibiting you from living a healthy life and create the life that you dream of.


The Group Healing and Distance Healing Sessions help you let go of the thoughts and emotions that stop you from being the best version of yourself and speed up the healing of your physical body.  


Common issues worked on in Group Healing include:
  • Chronic pain conditions 
  • Chronic fatigue 
  • Anxiety 
  • Spiritual crises 
  • Relationship wounds 
  • Hopelessness, sadness 
  • Abundance issues
  • And more... 

Group Healing is done on a weekly basis to help Remove Blockages, Regulate Energy Flow and assist with the Upgrading of Your Entire Energy Body.  The changes then manifest on the Physical, Mental and Emotional levels to help you become the Best Version of Yourself.


Group healing is done every Wednesday at 10am EST, 9am CST, 7am PST for 30mins.  It is optional to be present during the Group Healing like sitting, meditating or laying down.  


The value of a Month's Group Healing is $40 USD *Best Value.  There is an option to sign up for 1 Group Healing valued $25 USD


Comments from participates of Group Healing.



Hi Adam,


Since I've been received group healing, I was able to move myself out of a residential home, and into my own townhouse.


The relationship with my daughter which has been distant for years has miraculously shifted...bringing us much closer into the relationship we'd each truly wanted, I've been able to release old traumas and hurt lingering in my mind, and I have moved into a much more loving and accepting relationship with myself.  I ALSO FEEL STRONGER.


Slowly, but surely, I am making changes in my life, and find that I am much more able to handle the stresses in my life.


Just knowing someone is sending me positive energy, in the midst of what can be chaotic energy here (floods, forest fires, etc.) helps!




Deeply grateful,


~ Deirdre



Hi Adam!


I have had so many positive changes participating in your Group Healing Sessions.  Where do I begin to Thank You for you amazing abilities as you bring the group into a harmonious balance of body, mind & spirit. I am more relaxed. More centered. I really am finding a confidence I had been looking for as well as a peace of mind knowing there is nothing to big that cannot be transmuted within Unconditional Love. In which your energy of Divine Source is the ingredient  for all healing sessions. I personally know when you have worked on us just by feeling a calming relief out of nowhere. Then I realized that it was my session day and hence the wellness feeling.  I am really so very grateful and will continue to enjoy these group healings. I whole heartily recommend you Adam for anyone who is looking for a warm kind extremely gifted healer who cares about each person individually whether in a group setting or a one on one which I have had the privilege of benefitting from both. I can only say try one session and then you will understand what I know. Thank You Adam. You are so blessed and in turn we receiving the blessings . Love & Light my friend. Thank You so very much.


~ Toni



Hi Keri and Adam,

Thank you for the Sunday healing. Mark and I were driving up the Slocan Valley toward Silverton, and I decided to go into meditation while we were driving for 20 minutes during the time you recommended. The energy was intense, and I could definitely feel it combining with the absolute sunny beauty of that particular day. About five minutes prior to the end, I felt this incredible intense vibration penetrating every cell, not only in my body, but the space around me, outside and out to the universe. Thank you to the moon and back for your generous spirit!


- Donna Hollman, Nelson, BC, Canada



I did participate in the meditation and unlike most other times I have tried to meditate, the time flew by effortlessly. It felt good and I will do it every time you offer it.  Thanks.


- Diane Peckham, Columbia, Missouri, USA









What do you get with Group Healing?
  • Clearing of energy blockages on physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels
  • Send healing energy to your body to help it heal
  • 30 min Distance Energy Healing
  • Email summary of healing
There are two options.


Option 1. You receive one 30mins Group Healing for $25.


Option 2. Best Value! You receive four 30mins Group Healing for $40 (1 Group Healing per week on Wednesday at 10am EST/7am PST). 


Option 2 Gifts: 

  • NEW - 1 Healing Circle per month (valued at $17 - FREE
  • NEW - 1hr a week group Intuitive Health Coaching with Keri Dennis-Fulmore (valued at $97 - FREE)
Bonus: When you sign up for Option 2 you get FREE access to the Group Healing Facebook Community where I share:
  • Self-Healing techniques and videos
  • Diet, supplements and herbal remedies
  • Food tutorials on how to make things like kombucha, kefir, etc. 
  • Question and Answer about your healing
  • Guest Interviews
  • And more

P.S. Option 2 is a subscription, which means funds will be withdrawn from your account monthly on the day you signed up so you don't have to think about resigning up every month.  You can cancel at any point.  


2-3 business days after each Group Healing you will receive a Summary of the Healing.  This is all sent via email, so make sure your email is configured to avoid emails going to spam or junk mail.


Action is the key to making positive changes in your Health, Life and Wellbeing. So don't hesitate. Take the next step.... 


Your Practitioner of Energy Healing,



Adam Fulmore

Intuitive Energy Healer


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