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I have some Amazing NEWS for You! 


When you sign up for my e-news you are Entered to WIN a FREE Distance Energy Healing. 


It's really quite simple, let me tell you how it works.  I draw 1 names a month for a 20mins healing.  If you are chosen, I email you to schedule your healing.


Distance Energy Healings are done online and shown live on Facebook.


*It doesn't matter if you are on Facebook.  What you need to take part is a computer, tablet/ipad, or phone that has a camera and mic.

Winners of Distance Energy Healing Receive:

  • 20min Distance Energy Healing.

  • Focused Energy Healing on your most troubling health concerns.

  • Live support & feedback.

Why I am Giving Away FREE Distance Energy Healing?


One of the biggest reasons, is because I don't like to see people suffer and I know it's possible to heal.  Many people don't realize how powerful energy medicine is, so this gives you the opportunity to experience it first hand. 


Another reason, is because many forms of medicine are limited and only help people so far.  Energy Medicine has the ability to effect all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.


Over the years I have had 1000s of clients come to me with a physical health issue and the root cause of it was emotional, mental or spiritual.  Once the root cause was resolved the physical health issue went away.


I have over 18yrs experience in holistic and energy medicine.  I trained as a Dr. in Traditional Chinese Medicine and specialized in Energy Medicine by mentoring with Medical Qi Gong Masters, Native Medicine Men and Shamans.  








Q. What if day and time doesn't work for me for my healing?

A. You will get first prioty for the next FREE Distance Energy Healing


Q. Will I receive any other emails when I sign up to win distance energy healing?

A. Yes, you will receive news about free intuitive readings & distance energy healings, blogs posts, e-news, & special offers. 


Q. What if I am not fully healed after 20mins healing?

A. If your issue(s) was not fully resolved during free healing I recommend you working more with me.  There are different ways you can go about doing that.  You can work one on one with me with Distance Healing Session or Group Healing.


Q. What kinds of health conditions have you helped people with?

A. I have helped people with numerous different health issues.  Such as headaches, chronic digestive problems, anxiety, depression, fatigue, common cold, etc.  Check out testiominals here!


Q. Where can I learn more about what you do?

A. I recommend you look at these 2 pages: Distance Healing Sessions and Group Healing.


Q. Can I win multiple times?

A. Yes, you remain on the list even after winning. But, don't worry you can unsubscribe and delete your data at anytime.

Q. What do you do with my name, email and data?

A. We may collect, use and process your data according to the terms of our Privacy Policy.