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Medical Intuitive Readings with Addi Strasser


Do you need help uncovering the root cause of your symptoms?


Do you feel lost and confused about what you need to support your healing and health?


There’s so much info out there in the world, but what is right for you?


Look no further.....


A Medical Intuitive Reading with Addi Strasser provides you with the answers to why you have your symptoms and what you can do naturally to resolve them.


Who is Addi Strasser?


Addi Strasser has been intuitive her whole life.  But it wasn’t until she was an adult and went through her own health crisis with autoimmunity, pain and coming to terms with an emotional traumatic past that she realized the full value of her intuition and how it was there to support her journey back to health.


Through Addi's own health challenges she discovered the power of Medical Intuition and realized that she was meant to be helping others heal. 


Addi Strasser has been practicing Medical Intuition, Holistic Nutrition and Healing Touch for over 20yrs.  She's helped people all over the world.   

Addi is phenomenal. Her intuitive gifts are outstanding and combine with real personal integrity and an excellent study of her subjects. She is the real deal! A genuine healer. I recommend her absolutely. So grateful for her place in my life!


~ Monika Holman-Weiss


Medical Intuitive Reading with Addi Strasser includes to the following:


  • Scan of Physical Blockages
  • Scan of Emotional and Psychological Blockages
  • Email Feedback and Clarification Service
  • Suggested Supplement Plan
  • Dietary Suggestions
  • Toxicity Issues
  • Suggested Alternative Modalities to Assist in Healing
  • 45mins -1 hour telephone call 
  • 15% off Supplements 

What is the cost of a Medical Intuitive Reading?

$225 US

How can you receive a Medical Intuitive Reading from Addi Strasser?


All you have to do is click "Add to cart" below.

Addi Strasser is an amazing healer and truth finder. I guarantee you will notice a change in your life if you work with her. She goes deep and gets to the root of your issues. She is well educated, grounded and once you work with her you know you have someone on your side for as long as you need. Addi is a healer's healer!


~ Connie Phillips


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to be laying down for my Medical Intuitive Reading?

A: No, as long as you are in a quiet space you are good.

Q: How do I schedule my Medical Intuitive Reading?

A: After you sign up you will be redirected to Addi's intake form, then her online calendar to schedule your reading.

Q: Can you provide me more info about a Medical Intuitive Reading?

A: Go to Medical Intuitive Reading page to learn more. Click here.

Have other questions? View the Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Ready to for a Medical Intuitive Reading?