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Intuitive Discovery Course


You're In The Right Place If You're Ready

To Learn To Communicate With Your Intuition.


Hear Your Body’s Messages

Create A Healing Plan Designed By You

Create Lasting Change


Learn to do Intuitive Readings on Others


Balance Your Body, Mind and Spirit Knowing Exactly What To Do!


No matter how many different therapies, supplements and healers you may have seen, your inner voice has a recipe for your body’s optimal health. 


No matter how fed up you are with doing everything you're told to do and still not getting results, your soul holds the answers.


No matter how tempted you are to just throw in the towel because nothing thus far has worked.


You can breathe (finally!) because the solution is RIGHT HERE INSIDE OF YOU! Your intuition is waiting to show you the way.


I'm excited to introduce you to:


Intuitive Discovery Course:


Connect To Your Soul’s Inner Wisdom, Decoding Your Body’s Intuitive Key.

  • No longer do you have to spend hundreds of dollars and not be sure if it will work. 
  • No longer do you have to research countless hours to try to find the right solution to your healing, abundance, and purpose.
  • No longer do you have to bounce from doctor to doctor, only to turn up where you started. 
  • No longer do you have to wonder if you will ever find answers.

The Answers Are right HERE! Inside You!


  • This course is for you if you want to learn how to activate your ability to heal.
  • It’s for you if you want to learn to understand your soul’s inner wisdom and intuitive messages about health, purpose and life.  It's for you if you want more abundance and guidance to your best life ever!
  • It’s for you if you want to understand the pains and aches your body is telling you and how to do something about them.
  • This course is for you if you would like to learn to do Intuitive Readings on others. 
  • Your Optimal Health is waiting for you to step into your power and connect to your inner voice.  It's time to shine and get into alignment with your heart and soul!

Dear Intuitive Visionary,


Your body has a message for you.  It's the whisper in the back of your mind that softly nudges you to listen and step into action. 

  • It's that voice that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and to break free from the chains that hold you back.
  • It's the voice inside you that keeps you safe, moving in the right direction and living from a place of fearlessness.
  • It's the voice that guides you.  It has the answers you seek to your body’s greatest health and happiness.

"It was so easy to connect to my intuition with Keri's guidance. I have done/experienced hypnosis and I was not able to get all of the answers and messages during hypnosis than I was able to get when listening to my intuition. All you have to do is really listen and ask the right questions (which Keri will help with) and your mind/body/soul will tell you what you need to do in order to heal. I didn't think it would be that easy, but it really is. It's incredible."


~ Gabby Wnek



In this 5 Week Course, you will learn:


  • How to Connect to your Intuition Easily and Effortlessly with confidence. Hint: Everyone can do it!
  • How to Decipher What Your Body Is Telling You!
  • How To Hear Your Body’s Messages!
  • How to Clear Your Body of Negative Emotions.
  • How to Bring Healing Energy into Your Body.
  • What You Need to Implement into your Life to find Optimal Health.
  • How to test your body for supplements, therapies and foods!
  • How to find the Root Causes of Your Physical Ailments.
  • How to scan your organs, muscles and glands.
  • How to make intuitive decisions for your life.
  • How to do an intuitive reading on another person.
  • Have the opportunity to scan volunteers and practice your skill set.
  • How to invite the Angels to aid in your healing path.

Imagine how different your life would look this year when you finally learn how to act on your intuitive messages?


If you are willing to make a commitment to finally trusting yourself, connecting to your intuition and stepping into your power. Then I would be delighted to share with you how to speak to your soul.


I can guide you step-by-step into how to connect to your heart and soul. 


You will learn without a shadow of a doubt, to connect to your intuition and hear it’s messages.


Why Should You Learn From Me?


I have been in your shoes! I spent 5 years in chronic debilitating body wide pain.  I never had a diagnosis.  It did not have a name.  Doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me.  Instead, I was told there was nothing wrong with me.  But, I was in severe pain. 


I spent many months researching, seeing healers and doctors, reading self-help books, deep breathing and not finding the answer.


It wasn’t until I got quiet with myself, went inward and used my own intuition that I was able to see a path in front of me.  My inner voice led me to exactly what I needed to do to heal.  It taught me why this was happening to me. 


My Intuition Gave Me The Answers No-One Else Could!


I have since learned that if I don’t stop to listen to my body’s messages, I am not really healing. 


Your soul is reaching out to tell you something.  Your dis-ease, your discomfort, is a message from your body that something is not functioning right.


I am here to help you connect to those messages.


You are intuitive.  You have an inner voice. You have all the answers inside of you.




If you want to connect with your INTUITION….


Then look no further. This Intuitive Discovery Course is for you!


I will guide you step by step through 5 modules over 5 weeks.  These modules will be 


pre-recorded and released each week module by module.


Here is what it looks like…



  • Learn How to Connect to your Intuition Easily and Effortlessly hint: Everyone can do it!
  • Step by Step, I will guide you through a series of techniques to help you to connect to your intuition.
  • Learn the difference between your EGO and your Inner Voice
  • Learn how to hear, feel and see messages straight from your soul! 
  • Learn how to Decipher What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You!
  • Learn how To Hear Your Body’s Messages and Begin an ACTION plan.
  • Taking Action is the necessary step here. 
  • There will be a LIVE Question and Answer Call (date to be anounced)



  • Learn how To Hear Your Body’s Messages!  I will be taking you deeper in week two, so you are comfortable connecting to your inner wisdom.
  • Learn what is holding you back from healing.
  • Learn how to Clear Your Body of Negative Emotions.  I will lead you through a step by step meditation on how to do this.
  • Learn how to Bring Healing Energy into Your Body using sound, colour, and imagery.
  • There will be a LIVE Question and Answer Call. Date to be announced. 


  • Learn what you need to Implement into your life to find Optimal Health. This is the wisdom coming from your soul and is NEVER wrong.
  • Learn how to test your body for supplements, therapies and foods!  I will answer your questions regarding diet, supplements and more.
  • Learn how to find the Root Causes of Your Ailments.  I will guide you through how to scan your body from head to toe, looking at each organ, gland and more.
  • There will be a LIVE Question and Answer Call. Date to be announced.


  • Learn how to invite the Angels to aid in your healing path.
  • Learn how to Increase your energetic signature using plants, nature, and healing techniques.
  • Guest speaker that teaches you healing techniques to do on yourself.
  • Learn how to scan your organs, glands and muscles
  • There will be a LIVE Question and Answer Call. Date to be announced. 


  • This week is a LIVE interactive class.  
  • You will learn how to do a reading on another person.
  • You will have the opportunity to scan volunteers to test your skill set.  
  • You will feel confident in your ability to hone in on your intuition to do readings.


Receive all of this discounted at $150 US! 


The next time I offer my course it will be $297 US.


"Your intuition is useful in all areas of your life.  This course will give you the tools you need to unmistakably connect to your inner voice EVERY time." ~ Keri Dennis-Fulmore



I was able to connect to my intuition in Keri’s intuitive course. I liked connecting with like-minded people and practicing my intuition on others. I was also able to connect and accurately read several people! Keri provides many suggestion, examples, and hands on tools to learn the process. I really enjoyed the course.


~ Mary Vallafskey


VIP Day: 1 on 1 Master Training with Keri!

  • A VIP day is where you and I work 1 on 1 together for 4 hrs (with breaks).
  • Includes Intuitive Discovery Course!!!
  • Feel confident in doing intuitive readings on others.
  • Fine tune your intuitive skills with my guidance.
  • Ask me anything; receive guidance on the spot.
  • Dive deep into how to test the body for bad bacteria, parasites, candida and more.
  • Go through your whole body together.
  • Practice doing Live Readings on volunteers.

Discounted at $197 US dollars.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is the course so cheap?


A. The course is so cheap because it is pre-recorded.


Q. Are any of the classes live?


A. No, the classes are recorded.


Q. What if I can't connect to my intuition?


A. I have never had anybody that hasn't been able to.  But, don't worry I will guide you until you can with our Live Calls.


Q. Will I be able to use the intuitive skills for other things like finding a job or buying a car?


A. Yes, the intuitive skill I am teaching can be applied to any area in your life.


Q. Are there refunds on the course?


A. There are no refunds after the course starts because once the course starts you will have my techniques and information.


Intuitive Discovery Course - Only $150 US!