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Intuitive Energy Event


Do you need help finding the root cause and healing health problems, emotional and spiritual pain, and animal troubles.  


Many of our Services are deeply discounted until midnight on November 24th to provide more afforable answers and healing for you.



Click on the service below to save while you can.



Save $30 or more on Distance Healing Session Packages with Adam Fulmore


Save $30 or more on  Medical Intuitive Reading Packages with Keri Fulmore


Save $25 on Follow-up Reading with Keri Fulmore


Save $23 on Animal Communcation with Stella Hurtes


Save $30 on Medium Readings with Toby Lucas


I found Keri from her website and believe I was guided to the most instrumental person to assist me in my healing when nobody else could. I had seen countless doctors to no avail. 


I was bedridden, suffered from chronic fatigue, hormone depletion and thyroid issues.


Not only was she extremely instrumental in my feeling better but she was also very generous with her time. There is a wealth of knowledge between Keri and Adam that I am forever grateful for Keri helped me understand and treat my adrenals, hormones and thyroid. She is brilliant with tests and supplementation!


Not only did they assist in me getting to the root of my issues, they are also trained in a great number of holistic modalities to further assist my progress. The intuitive gifts they offer resonated with my soul to help me uncover all that I needed to open up and allow me to return to optimal vitality.


I consider it a great honour to have worked with them and can't recommend them enough!!


~ Carolyn Meecham