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Numerology with Ellie


Do you ever wonder why the same struggles keep reoccurring in your life?


I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are really getting somewhere to only end up feeling let down again. 


This not only puts a toll on you, but also the people around and closest to you without even meaning to.


My name is Ellie.


I became facinated in Numerology because I was dreaming about numbers ALL the time.


I would wake up and write them down. I felt they were talking to me! It turns out they were!!!


So, I began studying Numerology in 2018 to understand this ancient science.


Numerology is a study of numbers in your life. You can uncover information about the world and also each individual person like your life purpose by using Numerology. Numerology is seen as a universal language of numbers.


If you are familiar with Astrology, then you may know a little bit about Numerology; it is similar in quite a few ways but uses a different method to get the information and insight: Numbers.


Numerology is the idea that the universe is a system and once broken down we are left with the basic elements, which is numbers. These numbers can then be used to help you understand the world and those unanswered questions you have about yourself.


What I discovered through Numerology has not only CHANGED my life but many.


I started off doing Numerology Readings for friends and family and got such great feedback that I decided to quit being a lawyer and teaching law to focus exclusively on Numerology and Intuitive Readings.

What Do You Receive in a Numerology Reading?

  • Discover your life purpose and answers about your career, finances and life overall.
  • Understanding of your Shadow Self; parts of yourself you may not like, and what their purpose is. 
  • Uplifted mindset and better outlook on life to be able to approach future obstacles or avoid them all together.
  • Answers to your most pressing questions.
  • 1hr call together over Zoom.


An example of a Numerology Reading I did for a realtor who contacted me and wanted to know what other side things she could do to make money.  She was scared about real estate being her primary source of income.


Even though we did talk about that, her reading took a turn and we ended up talking about her health.


Her health kept coming up in her chart.


She needed to take care of her health otherwise the universe was going to make her face her challenges head on whether she liked it or not.


Intuitively she already knew this.  But she was surprised it came up and confirmed her suspicions, and it turns out it was karmic debt for her.   So, if she didn't take care of it, it was going to keep coming back and also her kids would be affected by this as well as collateral damage.



Some of the Common Struggles People Come to Me for Numerology are:

  • Why they keep attracting the same type of relationships that ends up failing?
  • Whether they should stay in their relationship?
  • What is their life purpose?
  • Where they should quit their job?
  • Where they should change their career?
  • Why they can’t seem to get out of debt?
  • Why they just can’t seem to get over a certain health problem?
  • What is my karmic debt and how to I pay it?


Whether I listed one of your struggles or not they are trying to tell you something.  You have a more fulfilling life waiting for you but there are some things that are interfering with it.


You might even know what those things are like the realtor, but you are looking for support and confirmation. 

Another example of a Numerology Reading is I had a man contact me about money and his overall happiness.


Interestingly money was not an issue for him.  His chart revealed so much financial abundance, it's like he was a money magnet.


It turned out that the happiness he was looking for was not to do with money but what he needed was more work on himself so that he could appreciate his marriage.


This year 2020 was his year to focus on his family and his marriage. He needed to wake up and do this otherwise he was going to lose his family.  Which was the one thing that would bring incredible happiness to his life.


He was quiet and never confirmed nor validated what I was saying to him, which actually made me question whether I did the calculations right.


But then weeks later he called me and told me that the night before the reading his wife and him had discussed divorce. They have two kids.


He said his reading was a wake-up call and exactly what he needed and he was going to follow through with the trips that we talked about in his Numerology Reading.  I suggested some states to visit this year for some family trips and also work on his anger which we had also talked about.


I find Numerology amazing because it shows people exactly what they need to know in order to improve their life and be happy, healthy and fulfilled. 


Now you might be wondering how do I come up with the information in a Numerology Reading?


Numerology calculations are based on your date of birth (DOB), name, nickname, etc.


There are many levels to it.  I start with the four major aspects.


The most popular is “What is my life path?”


The other 3 aspects are:

  • “How do I express myself?”
  • “What does my DOB indicate?”
  • “What does my soul want?”

Then I move onto other items such as karma, life purpose, small obstacles that you will face in your life due to your personality or maybe other things. 


Many people like to know about fun things like where should I travel next? 

Which crystals should I buy?

What kind of foods are good for me to incorporate?

What color should I incorporate in my life?


It can keep going FOREVER but I usually stop it right around there.


In the future I will find a way to get even more information in there.  But the way I do the reading is very natural, a two-way conversation because it helps when the person can confirm a few things about what I'm saying.  This helps me narrow down some more items as we move along.


For example, if I say to you, you are meant to be a teacher or speaker, or something along those lines and you tell me YES I love to teach! Then that helps me when we get to another part of the reading where perhaps chemistry or engineering comes up.  You may be better off TEACHING engineering vs. building highways, etc.

Who benefits most from my Numerology Readings

  • Someone who wants awareness or confirmations about why things keep recurring in their life (i.e. same struggles, obstacles, etc.).
  • Spiritual minded.
  • Open minded.
  • Most of all -- READY to implement changes in their life NOW.




















I want to let you know that I'm in the process of moving, so I am taking a short break until I'm ready.  But when I am you will be able to receive your Personal Numerology Readings for $250 US.

To reserve your spot now to receive vital and exciting information about yourself that nurtures happiness, health and fulfillment join my waitlist.








Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am not a spiritual person or am agnostic/atheist, will this still help me?

A: You just need to be open minded. Yes, the Numerology Reading is coming from a spiritual place so if you are not open to that or don't "believe" then perhaps this is not right for you. However, if you're curious in an open-minded way or you're ready to make that next step in your life, then you will enjoy our Reading.

Q: What if I don't want to reveal anything personal about myself during the Reading?

A: That is not a problem - I will do it for you! Haha! You will be surprised how much will resonate from the Reading. However, it is more beneficial for you when the reading flows like a conversation and you get to ask clarification questions on the spot if you don't understand what something means or perhaps we can spend more time further exploring a major aspect. 

Q: How is this different from just going on Youtube or the internet?

A: I am glad you asked! I often see psychics or spiritual leaders explain Numerology in what I consider a "superficial" way to the public. On the one hand, it certainly is a "fun" way to look at it, but the reality is that it has no lasting effect on the person and does not help them at all. It reminds me of when you go to the circus and see a fortune teller. This is not at all what your experience will be like with me! 


Unfortunately, oftentimes I also see miscalculations being done by novices such as reducing certain numbers they shouldn't reduce or adding certain numbers out of order. Our reading will be in depth and you will still be thinking about it days afterwards. 


Q: What is my Shadow Self?

A: The Shadow Self is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having.


Q: Can I get rid of my Shadow Self?


A: No you can't.  No matter how nice you are you can't get rid of it.  Your Shadow side is there for a reason.  It offers you many gifts and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  So, the better you understand it and work with it, the easier it is for you to thrive.