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What it takes to Overcome Chronic Illness

From helping thousands of people all over the world overcome chronic health issues over the last 20yrs I’ve discovered that there are 4 common ingredients that make it possible for people.


4 Ingredients for Overcoming Chronic Illness

  • Personal Growth (Educate)
  • Healing
  • Lowering Stress
  • Connecting with what makes you happy

I’m going to breakdown each of these ingredients, so you can clearly understand what they mean and also be able to implement them into your life if they are missing. 


Personal Growth


Many times, illness especially chronic illness shows up in someone’s life because they need to grow or learn something.  When I say grow, I don’t mean physical growth but grow emotionally, mentally and or spiritually. 


There are certain behaviors, habits, beliefs, unhealthy thoughts that cause or support illness.


Such as if a person has IBS or other chronic inflammatory digestive problems and they regularly eat foods that causes their digestive tract to be inflamed. 


This person obviously needs to learn what foods are causing this to them and stop eating those foods.


Another example of growth is when a person puts themselves last all the time. 


I see this often with mothers.  They are always putting their family before them, doing too much and not delegating.  Typically, this leads to irritability, fatigue, burnout and chronic pain forcing them to slow down or even stop everything.


In this case the mother or person putting themselves last need to learn to put themselves first because one can’t serve or feel good from running on empty.


So, this growth part is often about educating to live a healthier life.    




Healing depends on what is out of balance, injured, damaged in the person’s life.


I’ll use the example of a person with IBS or inflammatory digestive illness again. 


This often requires healing of the gut wall, balancing of hormones and resolving any past mental or emotional pain trigging inflammation through the gut-brain axis.

Depending on the severity and length the person has had the health problems will determine how long it will take to fully heal.


Lowering Stress


This one is big.  Even though learning how to lower stress can be considered part of growth, I believe it needs its own section and explanation. 


Stress makes all health problems worse. 


Many times, it’s what triggers chronic health problems and has even been found to cause gene mutation. 


We are always going to have stress in our lives, so we can’t avoid it.  But what we can do is learn ways to diffuse it, limit it, not give into it and release it, so stress doesn’t impact your health and wellbeing.


For many it takes being more aware, training your mind to be quiet (removing unnecessary mental chatter or negativity), learning techniques to release stress like meditation and qi gong.


I believe it’s important to do something every day that helps lower stress to prevent buildup of it and support your wellbeing.


Connecting to What Makes You Happy


Many times, this is overlooked.  Most people are not taught to focus on what makes them happy, instead much focus is placed on how much money can be made. 


As a result, this can cause the opposite of happiness and result in massive levels of stress. 


When you focus on what makes you happy you naturally have more joy and love in your life and you naturally attract people and things into your life that make you feel alive. 


Happiness naturally lowers your stress level, supports healthy immunity and your ability heal faster.  Therefore, leading to a more fulfilling life. 


These 4 ingredients do not need to be implemented in any specific order.  They just need to occur for one to have the highest success rate for complete healing.


If you are suffering from a chronic illness it takes willingness to be open to change, along with letting go of what is not serving you. 


You may not know what that is right now, but you will certainly learn it on your journey back to health.


Out of the 4 ingredients I’ve listed is there one that you struggle with most?  And if so, why do you think that is?   


Leave your comments below. 

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Adam Fulmore
August 11, 2020
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February 11, 2019
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