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3 Question Medical Intuitive Reading



Dear Friend,


Are you having trouble with Health Issues that you just can't seem to find true lasting healing from?  Are your symptoms getting in the way of you experiencing joy and adventure? 


Let me tell you, I fully understand.  I suffered from chronic debilitating pain for years and some days I saw no end in sight. It made me think "what's the point of life" if pain is my reality?


But, you want to know what gave me hope on those dark days... "Believing that there was an answer to by problem somewhere."  And I was right.  I found it, or should I say I was guided by my Intuition to solutions to help me overcome that debilitating pain.  


Through my own journey of health issues, along with a background in Holistic Medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine, I have gained a great deal of wisdom on how to help other people heal.  I combine my Experience, Training and Intuition to provide people like you with the most essential information needed to balance and heal your body and mind.  


If you are like some of the people that I have worked with, then you might be wondering, "How is it possible for her to know what I need to do to heal without doing any testing and being so far away?"


Well, let me explain.  We are all connected energetically, most people don't know or understand this because it is not something taught and rarely talked about.  Though, through technology we have already proven it.  We connect from anywhere from phone and internet.    This is done by a frequency.


This is exactly how I connect with you and get answers about your health, via connecting with your personal frequency with your name, age and place you live in.  


This is what Vicky Gramajo from Connecticut, USA said about her Medical Intuitive Reading:


Keri was so on point with everything about my body and was so incredibly connected to me that she was also able to get a reading on my spirit. Thank you, thank you. Your recommendations are great.

- Vicky


What is a Medical Intuitive Reading?


A Medical Intuitive Reading is where I energetically scan your body to see how it is functioning.  I will look at your organs, glands, bones, brain, muscles and nervous system, etc.


People come to me because they are looking for answers about their health.  I provide that to them along with a health protocol to bring them back to optimal health.


What is included in a 3 Question Medical Intuitive Reading?


After you provide me with 3 specific questions about your health, such as why do I have acne, back pain or low libido?  I scan your body, find the root causes of these symptoms and give you a health protocol to overcome them.


What is the difference between a Full Medical Intuitive Reading and 3 Question Medical Intuitive Reading?


The major difference between a Full Medical Intuitive Reading and 3 Question Medical Intuitive Reading is a Full Reading I go through your entire body find all of the imbalances and create a personalized health protocol for you to overcome them.  


Here are some Health Issues that clients have come to me with recently, from all over the world: 




Panic Attacks

Weight Loss

High Blood Pressure

Kidney Stones

Gall Stones

Hormone Imbalances


Heavy Metal Toxicity


Crohn's Disorder

Emotional Imbalances


Poor Digestive


Intestinal Dysbiosis



SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth)

Brain Injury

Chronic Fatigue

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

Chronic Pain

Sleep Disorders


Low Libido


Your 3 Question Medical Intuitive Reading will include:
  • Scan of Physical Blockages in reference to your 3 questions

  • Scan of Emotional and Psychological Blockages in reference to your 3 questions

  • Complete Summaries Sent by Email

  • Email Feedback and Clarification Service

  • Suggested Supplement Plan

  • 15% off supplements

  • Dietary Suggestions

  • Suggested Alternative Modalities to Assist in Healing

Receive all of this for only $120 US.


Action is the key to making positive changes in your health, life and wellbeing. So don't hesitate! Take the next step right now. 

I look forward to helping you find the answers, solutions and information you have been looking for.

Your Medical Intuitive,



Keri Fulmore

Intuitive Health Solutions